Zultys Introduces MX Release 8.0 Unified Communications Software

Zultys Introduces MX Release 8.0 Unified Communications Software

03:05 06 May in MXsoftware

Zultys, a premier provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, today unveiled MX Release 8.0 for the award-winning MX Unified Communications platform.

Zultys MX Release 8.0 builds on the simplicity of Zultys’ All-in-One, SIP based Unified Communication architecture through the introduction of MXnetwork Redundancy and enhancements to MXcluster Redundancy, further strengthening the disaster recovery and resiliency capabilities that are so important to enterprises today.

MX Release 8.0 also marks the introduction of MXoutbound, a highly configurable, yet easy to use, integrated outbound dialer solution ideal for implementing appointment reminder services, outbound marketing campaigns, disaster notification systems, and automated customer surveys, to name but a few applications.

As Apple’s penetration has increased in the business community, MX Release 8.0 adds an integrated SIP Softphone to Zultys’ MXIE UC client for Mac. This is a great complement to the existing softphone support in the Zultys Mobile Communicator UC app for iPhone & iPad iOS devices.

MX Release 8.0 also incorporates a wealth of incremental enhancements, including enhanced Backup & Restore, additional system monitoring tools and usability improvements that build on Zultys’ renowned ease of use and management simplicity.
A more detailed description of the benefits provided by MX Release 8.0 follows.

Enhanced Resilience and Redundancy

Zultys MX Release 8.0 further builds on the solid disaster recovery and resiliency feature set offered by Zultys’ unique all-in-one architecture, with the introduction of automatic cross-site failover for IP Phones, MXIE UC clients, and Call Groups/Contact Centers as part of the MXnetwork Redundancy feature. Each user may have a failover node configured and in the unlikely event that their local node becomes unreachable, the user’s phone, UC client and contact center groups will immediately become operational on the failover node, ensuring that business operations continue without interruption.

MXnetwork has always offered a seamless UC solution for multi-site customers, scaling up to 128 locations and 10,000 users. With the additional resiliency provided by cross-site failover, Zultys further extends its class leadership in the area of multi-site unified communication solutions.

In addition, Release 8.0 incorporates evolutionary enhancements to the MXcluster N+1 redundancy architecture to deliver an increased level of reliability and resiliency for sites ranging in size from 20 to 1,000 users. Administrators will appreciate the redesigned MXcluster management interface which allows administrators to provision an MXcluster in minutes, provides clearer status information and simplifies control in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

Zultys MXoutbound – Advanced outbound dialer solution

MXoutbound, a fully integrated outbound dialer solution, offers a flexible and easy-to-manage automated process for reaching out to an organization’s customer base. Applications include automated appointment reminders for a doctor’s office; a car dealership advising customers when their vehicle is ready for them to pick up and the service cost; a contact center performing automated outbound calls to promote products; or a school notifying parents and students of a closure due to bad weather. MXoutbound is appropriate for virtually any application that requires automated outbound dialing. The call message may be as simple as a single recorded sentence, or an elaborate customer survey with a series of questions asked based on previous responses.

Softphone support extended to Apple Mac OS X

The Zultys UC client application, called MXIE, is natively supported on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Release 8.0 sees the addition of an integrated softphone for Apple Mac OS X systems. Users may simply attach a suitable headset to their Mac and it becomes a full featured phone with integrated UC capabilities. With Zultys now offering integrated softphone support for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android devices, Zultys customers can free themselves from the desk phone once and for all.

Additional Enhancements

The Zultys MX platform is renowned for its ease of use and management simplicity. MX Release 8.0 incorporates a wealth of incremental improvements which customers and system administrators are sure to appreciate. The highlights include:

Enhanced Backup and Restore function provides peace of mind. Key improvements include

  • Ability to store historical backups
  • New graphical interface design simplifies configuration of scheduled backups and expedites system restoration in the unlikely event that such a need arises
  • Support for SFTP and FTPS secure file transfer using SSL/TLS encryption
  • Ability to restore an old backup to a newer firmware version

Automated Attendant and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring tools/

  • Ability to monitor caller interactions with the automated attendant (AA), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and MXoutbound dialer features in real-time
  • Real-time HTTP protocol level monitoring of external web requests related to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and MXoutbound systems
  • Keyboard usability enhancements in the MXIE UC client targeted at busy operators and receptionists who often prefer to manage phone calls via the keyboard rather than using a mouse


With our exciting release of version 8.0, Zultys continues its history of innovation and delivering advanced capabilities to our customers in a reliable, cost effective IP phone system,” said Steve Francis, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Zultys


Pricing and Availability

MX Release 8.0 is available to download immediately. Existing customers with a current software subscription are eligible for free access to the upgrade and should contact their Zultys Authorized Channel Partner for further information.