Creating a Community of Employees

Creating a Community of Employees

12:20 20 October in blog, MXsoftware

Community–according to the dictionary–is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. There’s a reason why community is so important to people’s lives: when striving for success, individuals are limited by their capabilities and opportunities. But when someone is part of a group of people that share the same objective, a single task can be spread over a group of people with the skills best suited for it. Your business is a community, and its ability to come together is what determines the company’s success. Businesses have come to be over-reliant on email communication, but while email has many benefits, it is not a great way to get to know someone when it is the sole mode of contact. In order to build a community in your workplace, a more personal and direct method of communication is often necessary.

ZAC, Zultys Advanced Communicator, offers a great forum for members of the same team to share ideas with the team chat feature. An email can easily get lost in the barrage of messages flooding corporate inboxes; IMs meanwhile enable much more straightforward and timely communications with team members. Better yet, with all the communication tools housed within the ZAC application, it’s easy to look up a phone number for a colleague and call them up for a chat whenever written communication becomes too cumbersome.

ZAC makes communicating within your team more personal and convenient, helping to strengthen the community regardless of whether employees are housed in the same building or scattered across the world. It can be hard to gauge a coworker’s personality, and sometimes even their level of expertise, from a formal email. Meanwhile a single real-time conversation can create a much stronger sense of comradery and personal connection than a dozen of email exchanges. Not to mention a phone conversation or an IM chat is a chance to see how the other person thinks on their feet—after all, anyone can spend hours crafting the perfect clever email response, that doesn’t reflect their ability to react to an emergency in a timely and competent manner.

When trouble strikes your work community, it is important to know who you can rely on to think straight regardless of the pressure; to be familiar with the areas of expertise of scattered team members in order to deliver the solution in optimal time; to have the tools that allow you to connect the key team members conveniently.

It is time to retire the email as a sole method of business communication and explore the benefits of instant messages, easy to use call management, and convenient and customizable contact lists. Provide your employees with the tools to build and strengthen the community and watch that community reach for the common goal—success.

So how can ZAC help you do that today?