Real Estate

Thriving on Mobile Communications

The Ideal System for Companies that Thrive on Fast-paced, Accessible and Mobile Communications

Real estate agents, mortgage lenders and title companies operate in a fast paced, mobile environment where agent and broker success hinges on customer responsiveness, service quality and rapid access to, and secure dissemination of, time sensitive information. Using a desktop phone, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, unified communications Zultys Unified Communications (UC) solutions enable agents to share, chat (voice & video), email, fax and collaborate wherever they are, at anytime. Having access to all these time-saving communication devices and productivity enhancing tools opens the door for companies to offer better client relations, increase revenues and reduce costs.

Is UC Right for Your Real Estate, Mortgage or Title Company? You Bet it is!

Tremendous benefits can be yielded from implementing a UC solution from Zultys. You'll notice the productivity increase from increased accessibility in weeks, not months! A single IP PBX with UC from Zultys can fulfill the communication needs of agents working at the main office, branch offices, on the road or remotely at home. An IP-based UC solution with integrated telephony, email, fax, presence, messaging and video in a single network platform leads to reduced equipment costs, reduced service costs, reduced office space due to mobility, immediate access of shared information, increased productivity and greater customer service.

Benefits of Leveraging Communication Technology In the Real Estate Industry

Successful real estate companies are rapidly migrating their networks to cost-effective IP equipment and UC services for achieving significant business benefits including:

Robust telephony/real-time UC to enhance customer service and increase revenues

Zultys open source IP PBX phone systems with UC have rich capabilities and allow real estate companies to implement customized solutions for better customer service and enhanced productivity. Agencies need to make the most of every sales opportunity. Using automated attendant and IVR capabilities, answering and routing a high volume of inbound calls is easy, while minimizing hold times and virtually eliminating misdirected calls. Integrating the phone system with applications like Microsoft Outlook and offers access to contact information and databases. Conferencing allows agents to quickly connect customers and colleagues from any location, for real-time problem resolution, customer service and better decision-making. Other useful features include Find me/Follow me; remote access to voice mail; IM and text messaging, integrated fax to email so agents aren’t tied to the office fax machine; and customized voice recordings of listed properties that callers can inquire about.

Real-time collaboration to drive productivity and effectiveness

Mobility-based real estate and mortgages companies know that keeping agents and brokers, loan originators and title companies connected is essential to close business. Everyone involved in the transaction process needs 24x7 access to shared and stored information from anywhere. UC keeps all your communications devices – office phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops – so your dispersed workforce can keep the conversation flowing anytime from anywhere.

Secure communications to mitigate risk

Real estate, loan and title documentation contains confidential financial information on buyers and sellers. Zultys IP PBX and associated endpoints provide security encryption standards to help mitigate risk and ensure safe delivery of personal information occurs.

Reduce IT infrastructure and operating costs

One IP phone system at the main office location is all that is needed to meet the communication requirements of a dispersed, mobile workforce including smaller branch offices, remote and mobile workers. Eliminating phone system hardware lowers IT infrastructure costs, reduces facility real estate costs, limits support staff requirements, reduces equipment maintenance fees and eliminates expensive long distance fees. Zultys solutions are affordable, integrate with legacy systems for investment preservation and are scalable, allowing the VoIP system to grow in the future.

Open the Door To Increased Business Opportunities With Zultys

Buyers and Sellers expect their real estate agents, loan officers and title company reps to respond quickly, safeguard their personal information and have access to updates at all times. With customer expectations high, real estate and related companies can turn to Zultys with confidence knowing they will have a reliable, stable, complete solution for their fast-paced, highly mobile workforce. Zultys IP phone system and mobility solutions are affordable, easy to implement and maintain and, best of all, help to meet business goals for increased revenues, operations efficiency, enhanced productivity, cost control and better client relations.