Zultys Release 15 Enhances Both the User Experience and Administration of Zultys’ UC Solution

Zultys Release 15 Enhances Both the User Experience and Administration of Zultys’ UC Solution

09:00 16 August in MXsoftware, News, Press Releases

Zultys today announced that Release 15 for MX-SE, MX-E and MXvirtual platforms is available to download for all Zultys customers with active subscriptions. The new release improves the experience for both users and administrators of Zultys Solutions. Some major features of the release include: web-based applications like Call Recording Viewer, automatic patch management for simplified maintenance, secure login for MXreport application, and a calling number blacklist feature among other enhancements.

Access Advanced Features Like the All New Wallboard, and Call Recordings Via Web-based Apps

At Zultys, we believe that you should be able to work anywhere and everywhere. We are committed to giving you the tools to make this easier than ever. With Release 15, Zultys users have even more access to advanced features via a web browser from any tablet, PC or Mac computer. We added web-based SuperView with Release 14 in 2018. And now Wallboard statistics and Call Recording Viewer are available through a web browser as well.

Wallboard provides real-time customizable contact center statistics anytime and anywhere. A contact center supervisor can check on available agents and ongoing calls from a browser on a tablet. No need to go back to a specific spot in the office to look at a wallboard.

Call Recording Viewer lets users listen to recordings and save them to any device with a web-browser. This gives the team more flexibility to access valuable information when working remotely or on the road.

Simplify Administration with Automatic Patch and Certificate Management

We strive to make our system not just easy to use, but also easy to deploy and maintain. With Release 15, system administrators can save a lot of time and effort on maintenance by relying on the new automatic patch manager. Keep the system up to date with minimum effort from the IT personnel.

Another major administrative feature is a painless, economical way to obtain a trusted security certificate for the MX system. This eliminates the expenses associated with purchasing a certificate issued by a certificate authority (CA) or the risks associated with less secure self-signed certificate options.

MXreport 4.0 Introduces Secure Login

In previous versions of MXreport, users shared a single login to access the application. With the new version, users on the MX system will utilize their own login credentials to access MXreport. Increase the security of your data by restricting access to only essential personnel.

Block Unsolicited Calls and Scammers

Blacklist feature is now available for all Zultys customers. Save employees from interruptions by malicious and unsolicited callers. Block any number marked as spam automatically for everyone on the MX system. If an employee identifies a phone number as an unsolicited caller, they can add the number to the blacklist themselves. No need for the IT department to take the time out of their busy day.