Zultys Introduces MX-E

Zultys Introduces MX-E

09:51 03 January in News, Press Releases

System Designed to Handle a Massive Number of Users and Calls All within One Single Server

Zultys, a leading provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, today introduces the MX-E™ to their powerful MX series of SIP-based IP telephone systems. The latest addition to Zultys’ award-winning line of unified communication product line, is a powerful enterprise-class IP phone system designed to allow corporations with a large number of users to accommodate these users within a single physical appliance.

MX-E is available in three different models; the base MX-E model supports 300 users, while the MX-E+ can support up to 1000 users, and the MX-E++ is designed to accommodate businesses with up to 2000 users on a single appliance. The unit combines powerful UC functionality and high quality voice calling all in a single IP-PBX platform, featuring T1/PRI support and up to 300 SIP trunks on the base model, with the MX-E+ supporting 1000 SIP trunks, and up to 2000 trunks on the MX-E++ model. Functions such as integrated voice, fax, voice mail, presence, instant messaging, automatic call recording, Zultys’ Unified Communication client for Mac and Windows, as well as the Zultys Mobile Communicator™ for iPhone and Android come prepackaged with every purchase of the MX-E system and allow businesses to expand their communication and make them more efficient both when connecting fellow employees and for connecting with customers.

“MX-E is a valuable addition to our lineup of IP-PBX platforms, as it significantly expands the capacity of our line of appliances, particularly in trunking.  MX-SE, MX250, along with the virtualized platform MXvirtual, and now MX-E, have the advantage of all running the same MX software and therefore present a singular product.  No change in feature, function, or administration is a major benefit to both our end users as well as our channel partners,” said Steven Francis, chief sales and marketing officer for Zultys.

Scalable and Connected

MX-E, with its expanded user and trunking capacity also can be included in an MXnetwork interoperating with all other MX appliances and virtual instances.  Users can be seamlessly connected into a corporate MXnetwork, where all employees need to do is dial a coworker’s extension to make calls between offices on the opposite sides of the world—all without incurring long-distance calling charges. MXnetwork can connect up to 128 MX systems at different locations and can accommodate 10,000 employees.

Even workers on the go and in remote locations can be joined to the corporate phone system via the Zultys Mobile smart phone application. Zultys’ advanced suite of features are available anywhere and employees retain their own personal user identity regardless of whether they are using the office phone, the smart phone app, or are working from home and calling from the softphone using their laptop’s mic and speakers.

Unmatched Reliability

MX-E is ready for continuous heavy use by large corporations, with a major focus on reliability within the design. It features redundancy for major components such as power supplies, cooling fans and storage drives. MX-E boasts dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies. The system comes equipped with a total of four drives and, similar to the power supplies, the drives are hot-swappable. Each MX-E also includes three cooling fans. The fans can adjust speed to remove excessive heat if the unit begins to run too warm and the system is designed to be fully operational within an acceptable temperature range with only two working fans out of three in case of an emergency.

About Zultys
Zultys is the global provider of a true all-in-one unified communications solution. Innovative, reliable and scalable, Zultys IP phone systems integrate voice, video, data and mobility — in a single premise based appliance or in the cloud— to optimize collaboration for businesses of all sizes. Zultys delivers a powerful, feature-rich communications system that is easy-to-use, deploy and maintain. Zultys is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices around the world. To learn more, visit www.zultys.com.