ZAC Now Handles Call Groups and Full Screen Mode

ZAC Now Handles Call Groups and Full Screen Mode

15:04 16 August in MXsoftware

ZAC—short for Zultys Advanced Communicator—is growing into a multi-functional client able to assist with any communication needs of modern businesses. It’s been almost a year since ZAC was first introduced to the world and it has grown tremendously in that time and has already assisted many businesses around the world in bringing employees closer together, making collaboration across long-distances convenient.

Today we are proud to introduce ZAC 3.0, still a pilot, but now very close to maturity.

The new features added to ZAC 3.0 are:

  • Brand new full screen mode, which allows users to see a more inclusive view of their communication activities. Chats and communication logs are opened as separate tabs, which the user can easily toggle between.
  • With this release, ZAC supports Call Group Agent functionality. Log in and out of call groups from an intuitive interface. In full screen mode, call log for a call group is displayed in a separate tab.
  • Drag-n-drop call processing operations like transfer, add to conference, add group chat members are now available.

With the addition of these features, ZAC is getting closer to realizing its dream of becoming a fully-inclusive communication and collaboration tool for any business. ZAC is ready to take on new responsibilities at your company, connecting employees together and making collaborating across multiple locations as easy as from across a conference room table.

Click here to download the ZAC pilot application