ZAC 4.0 Unites Team Chat and Conference Calling

ZAC 4.0 Unites Team Chat and Conference Calling

10:07 12 July in MXsoftware, News

Today, Zultys announces the official release of version 4.0 of ZAC—Zultys Advanced Communicator. Zultys’ vision for ZAC is to act as a single hub for all of the team’s communications; each group chat is a cross between a conference room for employees to work together and a repository for all the information relevant to the project. ZAC version 4.0 adds the integration of conference calling via MXconference into ZAC’s Group Chat functionality. With a simple click, any member of the team can start a conference call and other members can freely jump on and off the call at their convenience. This feature is the first step of Zultys moving towards a collaborative platform from a UC platform. As ZAC adds more and more new features, the application gets closer to uniting all the communication tools and information teams need to collaborate effectively in a single application.

Here are the rest of the features of the release:

• Ability to save voicemail, call recordings, and faxes to the local PC
• Alphanumeric characters added to dial pad
• Improved softphone audio quality
• Tooltips added throughout the application
• Agents can select Wrap Up as their Agent Role presence
• Drag and drop a call to a specific role to initiate the call as that role

Click here to download the ZAC application