Welcome to the Team, ZAC!

Welcome to the Team, ZAC!

09:38 22 September in MXsoftware

meet-zacBehind every successful product or service is an idea and a team of employees working together as a single unit to make this idea a reality.

The original idea behind Zultys was that business communication doesn’t have to be tied to the phone line. And as most ideas do, this one grew to encompass more and more other ideas. What if all your business communication could be conveniently managed via the computer or mobile device? What if all the employees in the company could access top-notch communication software from anywhere in the world? What if you could work anywhere and everywhere, anytime?

We spent so much time and effort making it easy for employees to work outside the office, to enhance their productivity despite different physical locations that a new idea was born here at Zultys: we now need a tool that will not only connect employees across the globe, but allow them to work together, to collaborate.

The team at Zultys has worked tirelessly—developers and consultants scattered all around the globe—to take a concept for a new product that would bring together all the tools necessary for successful collaboration and make it a reality. This idea led to the birth of a new member of the Zultys family. We called it ZAC, and today is its first day on the job. ZAC, Zultys Advanced Communicator, is not just a tool to improve interoffice communication; as we worked to perfect the new member of our family for our customers, ZAC became a part of our team.

Today’s ZAC is in its infancy, an early stage of an idea—a pilot. But as it grows and develops, it’s primed to evolve into a single hub for more and more advanced features and functionality. ZAC will be the basis that we will develop our new complete unified collaboration tools on. We introduce it to you today as an open pilot for all our partners and customers to try out in its early stage and get acquainted with ZAC as it grows into its full capability.

We have many new ideas of what ZAC should be able to do, but ultimately, we want ZAC to be your tool and your teammate. We want to hear what you think of ZAC and what you would like it to do for your team. Email us at zac@zultys.com anytime — we would like to hear your stories and ideas for ZAC!

So today we formally press the ON switch on the little helper whose job is to keep employees all over the world connected. And its first assignment is helping Zultys team coordinate its own launch.

Somewhere in Zultys’ European office, the developers are putting final touches on the code. On the other side of the globe, the VP of engineering sends a message to the rest of the employees that the product is ready for launch. At the corporate HQ, the marketing department is finishing up the official announcement. But oh wait, we forgot to include a quote from the management team and they are off at a conference across the country today. Luckily, with ZAC’s help, we get the CEO and Chief of Marketing to both contribute their bits for the announcement—while on their coffee break from the meeting. Let’s check with the product manager at his home office to make sure all of ZAC’s software is up and ready to be downloaded by our customers all over the world. Yes, it is, and we’re good to go!

So ZAC, we are ready to launch and introduce you to everyone—a job well done on your first day!

Click here to learn more about ZAC features and download the ZAC pilot application