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Zultys’ top-rated VoIP phone system for Small and Medium Businesses helps your company streamline operations, do more for less and still meet your business and customer demands. Zultys “all in one” system combines voice calling, presence, instant messaging, faxing and more into a single appliance solution that lets you tailor your phone system to meet your requirements and connect all your employees into a single collaborative system to reduce costs and expand opportunities.

  • Easy to use, easy to administer single appliance solution.
  • Open SIP standards-based platform lets you re-use existing phones and tap the global marketplace of SIP-based devices and applications.
  • Connect remote and mobile employees
  • Presence, Instant Messaging and Collaboration tools let your employees quickly reach the person they need.
  • Manage your voice mails more effectively and keep your customers happy.
  • Eliminate expensive hosted web and audio conference services and extra fax lines, use Zultys for all your communications needs.

Customer Success Stories

Zultys’ solutions are simple to install, manage and scale. Thousands of Zultys Unified Communications systems are in use worldwide, supporting a wide range of small to medium businesses like American Civil Constructors and Sir Speedy Whittier.

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