Helping the Enterprise Connect, Collaborate and Win

Zultys’ SIP-based open standards enterprise-class VoIP and Unified Communications solutions let you weave your workforce together into a seamless, highly survivable Unified Communications solution that combines the power of voice, web conferencing, presence and collaboration to let them work together as a single unit, no matter where they are located. Zultys enables your enterprise to work smarter and faster, and outpace your competition.

VoIP Phone System for Enterprise

Collaboration in Action:

Employees can interactively collaborate in real-time across a global network via Presence, IM and MXmeeting™ to address customer and business issues.

Enable better decision making:

Increase knowledge sharing throughout your enterprise, empowering employees to make informed decisions at the speed of business.

Control costs and be environmentally responsible:

Our energy and resource efficient solutions can actually help reduce your travel costs and environmental impact across your entire organization.

Enhance the customer experience:

From your sales team to customer service centers, we help you arm everyone with the tools to more quickly respond to customer needs.

Connect everyone:

Weave your employees into a single team, bypassing the boundaries of the traditional enterprise and enabling employees to work as though everyone was in the same office.

Secure your communications:

Zultys’ MXnetwork™ deployment option connects all your corporate locations into a single peer-to-peer network that is highly survivable and robust, reducing system vulnerability while boosting service availability.

Customer Success Stories

Zultys’ solutions are simple to install, manage and scale. Thousands of Zultys Unified Communications systems are in use worldwide, supporting a range of companies, from small to medium enterprises and organizations like Provident and the Crossroads Foundation.

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High Performance Doesn’t Have to be High Priced

Zultys’ award-winning Unified Communications solutions provide affordable, cost-effective Fortune 500-class Unified Communications that scale to support thousands of users across up to 128 locations.

Zultys is the Energy Efficiency Leader (2x to 5x More Power Efficient!)


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