Ideal for Organizations of 5-10,000 Users



Whether you have a single office or many offices spread across the country or around the world, a Zultys solution will improve how you communicate with your customers and how your employees collaborate with each other.

A Zultys unified communications solution delivers the functionality your business needs today and into the future. Learn more below by choosing the solution that most represents your business.

Small & Medium Businesses


By delivering big business features at a small business price, Zultys allows businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of Unified Communications and Voice over IP (VoIP). The MX series of ‘All-in-One’ IP phone system appliances include ‘Voice mail to Email’, Automatic Call Distribution for informal call center and customer service groups, Automated Attendants and more.

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Multi-Site & Branch Offices


Zultys’ unique MXnetwork architecture allows branch offices across the country and around the world to be seamlessly integrated into a single cohesive company-wide phone system. Every employee at every location can be contacted simply by calling their extension number. Call center agents may be located at any site. In addition, ZAC and MXIE provide Presence and Instant Messaging across all locations.

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From inception and since 2001, Zultys has designed all of its platforms for the Enterprise. With fanatical emphasis on high reliability and up time, the MX IP Phone Systems scales to 128 locations and 10,000 users. All locations are connected in a mesh-like framework, called MXnetwork™, which allows no single point of failure ANYWHERE. While others can only fail in the same rack and can NOT failover the PRI or T1, not only does the MX handle this in no time, but it can also be synchronized to other locations, allowing one user to be registered to multiple locations and provide transparent failover to the users. What’s more, MXIE, (Media Exchange Interface for End Users) and ZAC (Zultys Advanced Communicator) run on Apple Mac and Windows PCs.

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Mobility & Teleworker Support


Each MX system provides a comprehensive suite of features to allow employees to be easily contacted regardless of where they are. Whether it be automatically forwarding calls from important customers to your mobile phone, providing full access to all system features from a hotel room half way across the world or allowing staff to seamlessly work from home, Zultys delivers Smarter Communications that allow your organization to communicate more efficiently.

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Call Center / Contact Center


The Contact Center is an essential component to your business. Zultys offers advanced Contact Center functionality integrated directly into the MX IP phone system allowing your business to rapidly establish an efficient Contact Center to deliver improved services to your customer base.

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