MG2/MG4/MG8 Gateway

Analog-to-SIP Gateways to Meet All Your Business Needs

Designed for SIP and Open Standards

The MG line of analog to SIP VoIP gateways enhance Zultys IP phone system coverage of legacy analog devices. MG Gateway makes it easy to integrate legacy phones, fax machines, or credit card readers into the company’s communication solution.

An MG Gateway converts the phone call format to pass between the SIP network and the public switched telephone network. Bring analog phones fully into the Unified Communications environment. Enable Presence, Status, and other service features in the Zultys ZAC Unified Communications client for analog users. Make it easier to contact others in the company regardless of what device they use for phone calls.

Zultys enables our customers that deploy our virtual or hosted solution to support PSTN calls via FXO MG gateways. Take advantage of the flexibility of a virtualized phone system, even if you need to keep a PSTN line active for your business.

Standard Configurations

  • MG2/S with 2 FXS ports
  • MG4/S with 4 FXS ports
  • MG8/S with 8 FXS ports
  • MG4/O with 4 FXO ports
  • MG8/O with 8 FXO ports
  • MG8/SO with 4 FXS/4 FXO ports

Key Features

  • Analog to SIP gateways – support for analog telephones (FXS) and trunk lines (FXO)
  • Seamless configuration for 2 FXS, 4 FXO or 8 FXO, 4 FXS or 8 FXS, or 4 FXO & 4 FXS ports
  • High voice quality
  • Echo cancellation
  • Support voice compression (G.711, G729A)
  • Fax support
  • Enhanced features include auto-dialing, caller ID, do not disturb, and much more
  • Support Primary and Backup MX

System Specifications

Key Features

Configuration2, 4, or 8 FXS analog ports; 4 or 8 FXO analog ports, mixed 4FXS/FXO analog ports
Voice ProcessingVoice Codec: G.711 (a/μ), G.729a
Echo cancellation (G.168-2004), Jitter buffer
Silence suppression (VAD, CNG), PLC
Calling ControlCaller ID; Call Forwarding; Call Transfer; Call Forking; Hotline; CRBT; Do Not Disturb; Speed Dialing; Busy Tone Detection
VoIP ProtocolSIP
Other Features
FXO Bypass LineA bypass FXO line is selected during a network failure*
Auto DialDTMF mode
Hardware & Physical Environment
CPUDual core, 880 MHz
Flash16 MB
H×W×D30 × 150 × 109 mm (MG2 & MG4)
35 × 228 × 135.5 mm (MG8)
Weight (net)0.3 kg maximum (MG2 & MG4) 0.825 kg maximum (MG8)
Power Consumption6 W (MG2 & MG4)
12 W (MG8)
OperatingTemperature: 0 to 40°C Humidity: 10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
StorageTemperature: -40 to 70°C Humidity: 5 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

*Where applicable