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Enhance Your Client Communication

Zultys IP PBX Increases Productivity and Accountability for Law Firms

Accessibility, cost containment and a high level of customer service are key attributes that new and existing clients expect from their law firm. Firms that understand the need to be more innovative in the way they do business are turning to Unified Communications for customized and collaborative solutions for working more efficiently, enhancing customer relationships and reducing operating costs.

Greater Accountability and Better Accessibility with Zultys

The legal industry is one of the most phone centric and communications intensive industries. Tracking calls — who called, and for how long, and to what case each of their clients are connected — is the only way legal firms can monetize their work and ensure that every second of the day has been accounted for and billed against a specific legal client or case. Ensuring staff availability at all times — regardless if the legal team member is working in the main office, remote office, at home or on the road – and effectively managing time sensitive calls and voice mails from everywhere, at anytime, is paramount to achieving superior client relations and enhanced productivity.

Integrating Systems for Advanced IP Applications

Zultys IP PBX and UC solutions support SIP open source industry standards making them compatible with various legal accounting systems. With over 100 features targeted at increasing productivity and efficiency, a Zultys VoIP business system with UC capabilities helps legal firms to speed the delivery of important documents to other legal teams or courts (IP faxing); record any conversation at will or automatically, and also archive it for many
years to come and be able to search for any conversations by date, time, person and more (call recording, Call Detail Records); and provide better quality of service (IVR, after-hours Find me, Follow me, outgoing appointment reminder, incoming caller ID screen pops, web/video conferencing, call routing and more).

Delivering Results That Matter to Law Firms

Using an IP PBX phone system with Presence, Instant Messaging and Collaboration tools that flexibly integrates with other business and legal productivity tools is an innovative way to distinguish your firm from the competition. Partnering with Zultys solutions helps legal firms to:

Enhance Client Relations

Effective communications leads to superior customer service and managing cases efficiently. The IP PBX’s robust feature set elevates call management by easily handling large volumes of calls, transferring calls between offices and to mobile phones using extension dialing and allowing attorneys to work remotely while appearing like they are in the office. Using UC Presence, Instant Messaging and Collaboration tools promotes better attorney accessibility with the ability to see which employees are on the phone or available to take a client call and to encourage employees to work as a team across multiple offices and time zones for meeting client needs.

Improve Business Processes

Integrating legal and business workflow systems with IP communications allows law firms to streamline communications, speed document delivery, eliminate errors/unnecessary expenses and move towards better organizational effectiveness and customer service. Zultys includes superb call reporting capabilities that allow attorneys to not only run reports that show the details for all the calls of the day, but to also assign account codes to phone call pertaining to specific cases, billable or non billable codes, and actually just about any type of data you could associate with a case or a client. Web conferencing and video conferencing applications are also ways legal firms are adopting technology for better efficiency and to reduce travel time and expenses for meetings.

Reduce Costs

One VoIP solution can fulfill the communications requirements of an entire organization including branch offices, remote and mobile workers. One seamless IP phone system network reduces the need for dedicated fax, phone and Internet connections at branch offices and also eliminates expensive long distance fees. Allowing attorneys and other support staff to work remotely reduces real estate footprint. Moving phones and voice mail boxes are easily self administered and help to reduce costs associated with hiring an outside service vendor. Lastly, Zultys solutions are affordable, integrate with legacy systems for investment preservation and are scalable, allowing the VoIP system to grow in the future.

Zultys – The All-In-One UC Solution

From conducting witness depositions to ensuring all calls are recorded and accounted for risk and billing factors, a reliable and secure VoIP communications system is extremely important in the legal industry. Zultys provides a comprehensive suite of voice, data, video, presence and mobility solutions in a single Unified Communications platform to improve accessibility, enhance customer service, lower costs, and improve productivity.