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Improved Efficiency, Reduced Costs & Fast Return on Investment

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership and Fastest Return on Your Investment with Zultys

Businesses and consumers have a myriad of choices when selecting financial services and insurance options (medical, dental, auto, home etc.). Successful organizations, brokers and agents understand that integrating business communications onto a unified IP-based platform can deliver a tangible return on investment through increased customer satisfaction and retention. Organizations reap the rewards of faster response time, increased agent/broker accessibility, improvements in operational efficiency and overall reductions in operating costs.

Attract and Retain Customers with Collaborative Unified Communications

Effective handling of inbound calls to contact center queues, or routing to off-site agents, responding to broker/agent underwriting questions quickly, offering personalized customer service and responding to claims swiftly are all factors that affect attracting new and retaining existing customers in the financial services and insurance industries. Looking for innovative ways to grow their businesses, organizations are turning to cost-effective, feature-rich VoIP systems with Unified Communications (UC) from Zultys for the latest in voice, data, video, presence and mobility solutions. UC encourages collaboration across a distributed workplace – where employees, partners, brokers and agents are located everywhere – and offers everyone access to the same information to help generate revenue and increase productivity while reducing costs.

Benefits of UC in the Insurance Industry

Zultys’ VoIP business systems use SIP open source technology making it easy to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other insurance specific software solutions to:

Deliver personalized responsiveness and service

Enhancing communications allows companies to put together customized solutions for personalizing service to aid in acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. VoIP provides connectivity throughout the organization and can locate employees wherever they are by ringing their desk phone, mobile phone, home phone or ringing them all at once.

Streamline processes for greater business efficiency

Interconnecting workflow systems like claims processing applications with IP communications allows insurance organizations to streamline procedures and move towards better organizational effectiveness. For example, Zultys offers a built-in fax server allowing employees to send and receive faxes from anywhere, at anytime, without the need of a fax. This not only reduces the cost of paper, toner, ink, etc. it saves time.

Connect collaboratively across the organization

Increased customer expectations require on-site and virtual employees, agents and partners to have access to the same information, at anytime. For example, agents need access to carrier documents and fast turnaround on underwriting decisions. Claims adjustors need accident information from broker sales agents. UC facilitates collaboration of shared information and knowledge across departments to aid in decision-making, improve processes, enhance customer service and generate more revenue.

Communicate effectively across a distributed workforce

From sales agents who work remotely to call center employees in the main office, innovative tools to make it appear that all employees are under the same roof help to build a cohesive team, project a consistent company image and communicate better with customers. The Zultys IP PBX with Unified Communications comes with a robust set of voice, data and video communications capabilities including auto attendant, call routing, Find me/Follow me, voicemail to email, and instant messaging critical for a distributed workplace. For more effective training and to quickly disseminate information on topics like updated pricing, procedures, product offerings and customer services, Zultys web and audio/video conferencing offers greater efficiency and saves operating costs associated with travel time and expenses.

Reduce Costs

A Zultys VoIP business system requires less hardware at each location, includes more features/applications and fulfills the communications requirements of an entire organization including branch offices, remote and mobile workers. Wherever employees are located, they all have access to the same features as employees in the main headquarters. A distributed environment eliminates long distance fees, reduces office space and real estate fees and preserves investment in legacy systems.

Zultys – The All-In-One UC Solution

Whether it is responding to customer questions on policy renewals or conversing on the status of processing a claim, a reliable IP PBX plays a central role in helping to keep employees in action at the office or out in the field selling insurance. Agile and successful insurance companies recognize the value of IP networking for integrating voice, data, video, presence and mobility applications in a customized business solution to increase productivity, reduce costs and provide personalized service quality. IP PBX and UC solutions from Zultys help you meet today’s communication goals while offering scalability to grow alongside your business in the future.