Reduce Communication Costs Dramatically

Government Agencies can Reduce Communications Costs while Increasing Efficiency with Zultys

With public sector budgets continually decreasing and spending under constant scrutiny, federal, state and local governments or government agencies can directly benefit from investing in technology–within and across agencies–to reduce expenses, improve citizen service and support a more mobile and productive workforce. A cohesive plan to consolidate voice, data and video networks and reinvigorate with IP-based Unified Communications enables officials to reduce costs and promote increased communication and collaboration.

UC Strengthens Communication and Collaboration

Zultys enterprise-grade IP PBX systems offer comprehensive tools to interconnect agency locations and employees wherever they are located, at anytime, into a single open source, distributed network for improved operational efficiency. Like never before, UC allows employees to quickly access and share information internally with colleagues and externally with the citizens they serve. Zultys’ SIP-based PBX and UC solutions come with a full suite of capabilities including Presence, Instant Messaging, Web and Video conferencing, Messaging, Softphone, Fax, Mobility and more for seamless, easy to use collaboration. What’s important is this IP business communications system can leverage existing budgetary dollars and help develop an investment preservation strategy of existing IT infrastructure while gradually adopting an IP-based network.

Delivering Results That Matter to Government Entities

Unified Communications solutions from Zultys help government agencies to realize productivity gains, reduce costs and increase organizational efficiency by:

Accessing Consistent and Secure Information

UC offers the latest communication and collaboration tools so employees working in or out of the office can quickly gain access and share information. Streamlining communication and increasing access to information leads to better employee productivity, employee retention, better citizen service and faster turnaround on projects.

Connecting a Geographically Dispersed, Virtual Workforce

Access to people and information is important when fostering a workplace where employees need to stay connected whether they’re working in the main office, branch location, at home or on the road. Using UC Presence, Instant Messaging and Collaboration tools, calls are never missed. Employees are reachable with one number. Calls across the network can be transferred between offices and to mobile phones, creating the appearance that everyone is working under the same roof, regardless if they’re working remotely. Regardless of their location, employees have access to their email, voice mail, and more.

Supporting Collaboration for Boosting Efficiency

Integrating voice, data, video and mobility creates a business environment many collaboration tools are available at a click of a mouse or punch on a keypad to help achieve goals for reducing costs and increasing productivity. Web and video conferencing nurture real-time information sharing and can be used to train employees and conduct team meetings. These positively affect the bottom line with reduced travel expenses and increased productivity with reduced travel time.

Reducing costs

One VoIP solution can support the communications needs of an entire organization including smaller branch offices, remote and mobile workers. IP network consolidation eliminates separate system hardware requirement at branch locations, removes dedicated fax, phone and Internet connections and reduces expensive long distance fees. UC tools reduce travel time for meeting and expenses. Self-administration of moves, adds and changes to phones and voice mail boxes eliminate costs for outside service vendors. Lastly, Zultys solutions are affordable, integrate with legacy systems for investment preservation and scalable, allowing the VoIP system to grow in the future.

Zultys – Summary

As government budgets continue to tighten, technology will continue as a driving force for innovative ways for an organization to connect and collaborate for achieving strategic goals. Let Zultys be your partner in this journey. Zultys provides powerful, reliable IP-based solutions to affordably integrate voice, data, video and mobility solutions into a single, scalable Unified Communications platform. Investing in solutions today that help to preserve existing investment in IT while migrating to newer IP-based services is a path government entities can take to render cost savings, better citizen responsiveness and increased productivity.