Financial Services

UC Delivers Business Agility For Less Investment

Zultys Provides Improved Proccesses, Client Services and Cost Reduction for Financial Firms

Regulatory, political, revenue/profitability, technology, competition, and public perception are prominent issues within the financial services industry. Financial services companies, comprised of banking, asset management and venture capital, are coming full circle about next generation solutions. Executives are realizing that just as it’s important to be innovative in the products and services they offer to clients, investment in innovating their communications network is necessary. A single, converged media IP network quickly yields measureable results in improved processes, personalized client services and reduced costs.

Achieving Business Agility With IP Technology

Using advanced IP technology to achieve business growth is a strategy worth investing time and money. Effective handling of inbound calls to a branch location or call center, responding quickly to client banking/financial investment questions and offering personalized customer service are important factors in attracting new contracts and retaining existing customers. The Zultys MX series of IP PBX with Unified Communications (UC) is a reliable, feature-rich phone system with built-in security that offers converged telephony, email, fax, presence, instant messaging (IM), mobility and video in a single appliance. UC fosters collaboration across an enterprise-wide, distributed workplace – where employees, bankers, tellers, financial planners, etc. are located everywhere – and offers everyone access to the same information to increase revenue and productivity while reducing costs.

UC Delivers More Results For Less Investment

Zultys’ VoIP business systems use SIP open source technology making it easy to integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other financial specific software solutions to:

Deliver personalized responsiveness and service

Every client call is critical to success. Incoming calls answered via the auto attendant/IVR in a local branch or contact center all need to be handled efficiently and with great client care. One missed call can be a huge loss. Zultys voice and call management features easily route large volumes of calls, transfer calls between offices, to remote and mobile worker phones using 4-digit extension dialing and can also locate employees anywhere by ringing their desk phone, mobile, home phone or ringing them all at once. IVR is also popular and effectively used for speedy self-service information on account balances, payment dates, etc.

Streamline processes for greater business efficiency

Interconnecting financial and workflow systems with IP communications allows companies to streamline procedures, speed document delivery, eliminate errors/unnecessary expenses, access important information and move towards better organizational effectiveness. Example, workers embrace the time saving and efficiency of processing email and voice mail together.

Connect collaboratively across the organization

Increased customer expectations require on-site and virtual employees to have access to the same information, at anytime. UC facilitates productivity through collaboration and making it easier to conduct meetings, discuss topics and render faster decisions. Useful features like presence and secure chat eliminate the guessing game when trying to get time sensitive information from colleagues. “Find Me/Follow Me” rings multiple numbers at once, so no one is out of touch and Outlook integration lets employees forward, comment and archive voicemail and email.

Communicate effectively across a distributed workforce

From tellers to remote working investment managers to call center employees in the main office, UC offers innovative tools to project that employees are working cohesively in the same office location, help resolve issues, make quicker business decisions, create a consistent company image and communicate better with customers. The Zultys IP PBX with UC has rich voice, data and video capabilities including auto attendant, call routing, Find me/Follow me, voicemail to email, and instant messaging critical for a distributed workplace. For effective training and quick dissemination of information like daily interest and loan rates, procedures, product offerings and customer services, Zultys web and audio/video conferencing offers greater efficiency and saves operating costs associated with travel time and expenses.

Reduce Costs

VoIP business systems require less hardware at each location, include more features/applications and fulfill communications requirements of an entire organization including branch offices, remote and mobile workers. With UC, wherever employees are located, they all have access to the same features as employees in the main headquarters. Moving phones and voice mailboxes is easily to self-administer, this helps reduce costs associated with hiring an outside service vendor. A distributed environment reduces capital equipment costs, eliminates long distance costs, reduces office space and real estate costs, preserves investment in legacy systems and offers scalability, allowing the VoIP system to grow in the future.

Zultys – Weaving Your Distributed Workforce Together in One UC Solution

Agile and successful financial services companies are turning to IP networking for integrating voice, data, video, presence and mobility applications in a customized business solution for better workforce collaboration, faster decisions, attracting and retaining customers, reduced costs and delivering prompt personalized service. Zultys delivers a complete solution on a single IP platform
that blends the best of IP and Unified Communications 
functionality to provide scalable, flexible solutions that grow with your business.