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Unified Communications Solutions for Automotive Dealers

Driving Business with Superior Customer Communications

Today's car buyers are savvy. They go online to research brands and models and price-compare dealerships. So with this information literally at their fingertips, your customers call and visit your dealership more informed than ever before, so you need to be very well prepared. They often visit multiple dealerships, comparing feature and option and financing packages, so keeping in contact with them after they have left your dealership can be a challenge.

Even after the sale, retention and loyalty is based on the quality of customer satisfaction — in the service area and on the phone. With your phones constantly ringing, sales and service reps walking the lot, and the sounds of a busy dealership in the background, pages can be easily missed, calls misdirected or lost, and prolonged wait times are not acceptable to customers.

That’s where a Zultys Unified Communications system can make all the difference between winning a new customer, keeping existing customers and losing business to your competitors. Your communications system needs to connect customers to the right person immediately with seamless transfers and effective call routing. You have to be available, accessible and deliver the best customer service and follow up with the best tools available.

Accelerating Customer Connections

Zultys Unified Communications system ensures that your dealership is accessible to prospective buyers and established customers with these powerful features:

  • Instantly provide customers routine information when they call, eliminating wait times, or route them immediately to the right department or individual.
  • Ensure sales and service managers are always accessible, whether at their desks, on the lot, in the showroom, or even at home — enabling them to take calls whenever and wherever they are.
  • Store and manage customer faxes, e-mails and voice mails in one place for easy retrieval.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook and automotive industry CRM systems such as Dealer Socket to manage customer interactions and increase retention.
  • Measure your contact center productivity with pinpoint accuracy and make necessary adjustments in a timely manner.
  • Keep prospects informed about vehicles they are interested in or contact customers with automated calls for service reminders.

By improving accessibility and expanding the ways you communicate with your customers, you can make your dealership stand out by providing world-class customer service — from their initial contact to on-going customer care.

Every Customer Contact Counts

auto1 We know that in the competitive automotive industry, every customer contact could mean a sale; and every dollar saved on your communications system can make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Zultys VoIP systems integrate unified communications (UC) to offer automobile dealers more productivity enhancing and cost saving capabilities than ever before by merging voice, data, video, chat, presence and mobility applications onto a single network platform. Built using SIP open standards, the Zultys IP phone system seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Automotive Dealer CRM systems such as Dealer Socket to streamline procedures, manage customer interactions and increase customer satisfaction

Superb Communication Builds Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention

The Zultys IP PBX comes equipped with all the advanced telephony features to improve customer communications.
  • Incoming calls can be answered with an auto attendant/IVR system to provide a consistent corporate image and delivers routine information to customers with zero on-hold time.
  • The auto attendant effectively routes callers to the appropriate individual or department eliminating misdirected calls.
  • Custom greetings and music on hold can be made to convey directions, sales and promotions etc.
  • Flexible call handling options allow for calls to automatically be forwarded to different departments depending on the caller ID of the call, time of day or the availability of a sales agent.
  • With Zultys Mobile, sales and service managers are always accessible via their smart phones at their desks, on the lot, in the showroom, or even at home — enabling them to take calls whenever and wherever they are.
  • Find me/Follow me; remote access to voice mail; email messages can notify you when a message is waiting in their inbox (voice, fax or email message).
  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, click to send a voice mail message over e-mail, change phone settings, and retrieve voice mail messages.
  • Call recording enables you to review conversations when discrepancies arise, and make sure your employees are offering a high level of customer service to callers.

Reduce IT and Operational costs

Utilizing and customizing your telephone system with unified communications enables you to differentiate your dealership to build loyalty and retention. When you connect with customers in a positive manner, they return for maintenance, service and repeat purchases. Your phone system plays a pivotal role in customers receiving responsive service. Voice over IP delivers a flexible, distributed network where costs to purchase and maintain have plummeted, saving precious IT and operational expenses. Previously, automobile dealerships had to purchase and connect various disparate systems and components. The Zultys IP PBX combines all these functionalities, reducing physical space to house these systems while eliminating capital investment and maintenance hassles with our virtual and hosted offerings. Got multiple dealerships or locations? One Zultys system can handle communications and streamline operations across multiple locations.