Global Network Security Company Centralizes Communications and Increases Productivity with Zultys UC Solution

“Zultys delivered exactly the solution and service we were looking for and more. The system is so easily managed by our own people that we didn’t even have
 to hire a full-time employee to administer the system. We now communicate more quickly and easily with all of our staff, regardless of location.”

Aria Eslambolchizadeh

Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Testing


  • Headquartered in San Jose, CA with 4 global remote office locations
  • Connect new VoIP system with existing phone system for investment preservation
  • Support for 300+ operations and engineering employees located globally
  • Looking to reduce travel costs, be more productive and increase customer responsiveness

The Customer

Guided by its vision of Dynamic Security for the Global Network, SonicWALL® develops advanced intelligent network security and data protection solutions that adapt as organizations and threats evolve. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, with offices in Shanghai, Bangalore and Taiwan, SonicWALL’s award-winning product lines include Next-Generation Firewall, Secure Remote Access, Email Security, Backup and Recovery, and Management and Reporting.

The Problem

SonicWALL wanted to standardize and centralize the communication system of its 300- person operations and engineering department. It needed a simple solution that would save the company money on operations costs and phone bills. Because SonicWALL had an international, multi-site deployment planned, the VoIP solution had to be easy to configure and maintain. System reliability was important because the new system had to support the frequent testing the company conducts to ensure the quality of its products and to troubleshoot customer issues. Lastly, SonicWALL wanted to preserve the investment in its current Avaya phone system that supported other areas of the organization so the new solution had to integrate with the old system.


“We were looking for a solution that wouldn’t tie us into using specific phones and one that would allow us to test products,” said Aria Eslambolchizadeh, Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Testing at SonicWALL. “Ease of system maintenance and configuration was also important.”
“Zultys delivered the cost-effective, low-maintenance system we’d hoped for,” Eslambolchizadeh said. “Our new phone system was easy to deploy, it’s easy to use and works smoothly with the system we already have in place.”

The Solution


SonicWALL found the answer by deploying three Zultys MX250 IP PBXs and two MX30 IP PBXs across its four global sites. The Zultys unified communications (UC) solution saved SonicWALL $10,000 per month in operational costs almost immediately. Because Zultys’ SIP-based solution is extensible and adapts easily to different architectures, SonicWALL is able to run Zultys and its existing system simultaneously with a T1 connection between them. The simplicity of using and maintaining the Zultys system allows the engineering and operations department to focus on core tasks such as testing, rather than wasting precious time on a labor-intensive phone system. The result is a seamlessly integrated global communications system that meets all of SonicWALL’s expectations.


SonicWALL’s multi-site deployment covers 300 users around the world, with IP phone systems in an MXnetwork configuration in San Jose, Calif., Taiwan, Bangalore and Shanghai. MXnetwork enables SonicWALL to route internal and external calls between locations over their data network, reducing the number of analog lines they have to maintain while migrating to an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) in the process.

Employees across the organization can dial extensions, chat, and see Presence no matter where they’re located. SonicWALL also uses MXIE™ to integrate and manage all of its communications functions, including Microsoft Exchange, through an OS-independent desktop client.

“We have good support whenever we need help,” said Eslambolchizadeh. “We didn’t even have to hire a full-time employee to administer the system, because we can easily train our own people to do it. We can communicate more quickly and easily with all of our staff, regardless of location.”

The Impact


In addition to saving $10,000 per month in operational costs and providing SonicWALL with a centralized and efficient SIP-based system, the Zultys IP Phone System solution enhances communications between all SonicWALL remote sites. The engineering and operations department has reduced travel costs, increased productivity, reduced overall costs and enhanced its responsiveness to customer and business needs.

Eslambolchizadeh explained, “Staff productivity has increased tremendously. Using Zultys has made it easier to react and respond in real-time across locations. The system is very high-quality and low maintenance. Zultys provided us with exactly the solution we were looking for and more. Our overall experience with Zultys has been excellent.”