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Zultys delivers the most compelling feature-rich Enterprise-class IP phone system available. Our award-winning platform allows businesses to easily deploy a complete voice and Unified Communications solution to connect all of their offices and teams together through a highly survivable distributed network. Whether a company has one office or multiple locations, their employees can work together as a single integrated team, boosting productivity and the quality of service provided to their customers.

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IP Phone systems
Zultys’ feature-rich IP phone systems are based on Linux and open SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standards and combine voice, video, data, Unified Communications and conferencing into efficient “All-in-One” appliances that come pre-installed with a full suite of business enhancing features such as Presence, IM, Video, Softphone, Fax, Mobility and more. Zultys IP phone systems are easy to install and maintain and can easily scale from small offices to global enterprise systems that support thousands of users through a highly survivable distributed network.
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With sleek and elegant designs, the carrier-class ZIP 5 series IP phones are designed to be easy to deploy, easy to operate and enhance productivity. Zultys' IP phones are designed to take advantage of the feature-rich Zultys family of award-winning IP phone systems platforms.
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Zultys’ pure SIP Unified Communication solutions are built from the ground up to make ALL your communications systems work together for you to cut costs, boost productivity and give you the highest ROI of any system in the industry.
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MXmeeting™ and MXconference™ web-conferencing and internal audio bridge solutions support 4-way video conferencing, multi-party web-conferencing and internal audio conferencing services that allow companies to eliminate costly hosted services, cut travel expenses and more rapidly address customer needs.
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Zultys integrates with a range of CRMs and application. The Zultys™ Communicator integrates the Zultys IP Phone System and the™ CRM application suite for full call control from within the contact record. Likewise, the Zultys Outlook Communicator provides close integration between the Zultys IP Phone System and Microsoft Outlook.

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Zultys’ flexible Contact Center solutions fulfill a wide range of customer service and contact center needs –  from  high capacity customer service operations across multiple locations to a company’s day-to-day call and front office demands.  Our sophisticated, yet easy-to-use solutions allow you to integrate your contact center into your overall corporate Unified Communications system.
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Zultys delivers full phone system functionality across a company's network -- supporting up to 10,000 users across 128 locations. Users gain access to the system from traditional handsets, mobile phones, desktop clients, softphones and Instant Messaging.
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High Performance Doesn't Have to be High Priced

Zultys' award-winning Unified Communications solutions provide affordable, cost-effective Fortune 500 company quality Unified Communications services to the SMB that beats any other comparable system on the market.

Zultys is the Energy Efficiency Leader (2x to 5x More Power Efficient!)
Zultys Recognized as an Industry Leader

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