Zultys Recognizes CCI Intellisys of Utah as Elite Sales Performer

Zultys Recognizes CCI Intellisys of Utah as Elite Sales Performer

11:21 17 July in News

Top-Performing Zultys Channel Partner Draws on Vast Industry Expertise and Superior Relationship with Zultys to Achieve Great Success

Zultys a premier provider of innovative unified communications solutions that empower businesses to collaborate effectively, today announced that it has named its channel partner CCI Intellisys, a top provider of business communications solutions in Utah, as an Elite Sales Performer. The distinction recognizes CCI Intellisys’ continued success partnering with Zultys to provide an exceptional unified communications solution and strong support to end users, including midsize businesses and financial institutions.

Zultys Elite Sales Performer Distinction

Each year, Zultys’ North American channel partners vie for recognition levels of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite. The Zultys Elite Sales Performer Distinction lauds Zultys channel partners that have achieved a significant amount of sales on an annual basis. Led by President Robert Brown, CCI Intellisys exceeded this level, and in fact emerged as the highest performing channel partner in 2011. This is the second consecutive year that CCI Intellisys has been recognized for this distinction.

History of the Partnership

CCI Intellisys has substantial expertise, with a long-standing presence in the industry and thousands of installations around the world. Over the years, CCI Intellisys has partnered with a variety of vendors, choosing to align with those that stay ahead of the technology curve. Zultys’ commitment to innovation and forward-thinking, as well as the fact that its platform is built on the popular SIP standard, has translated to a successful relationship with CCI Intellisys. In fact, Brown says Zultys’ SIP-based platform is a primary factor driving the company’s Zultys sales.

“Because it’s an industry standard, phone systems built on SIP enable great flexibility, which makes Zultys a popular choice among our customers,” said Brown. “Other vendors require that you standardize on their own technologies and applications, stifling flexibility and leaving little room for customization.”

To illustrate this point, Brown cited a recent successful Zultys implementation at a large financial institution in Utah. The bank, which has more than 20 locations, was attracted to Zultys’ industry-standard SIP-based technology, which enabled flexibility in deployment. With Zultys, the bank was not beholden to one vendor’s solutions for the life of the phone system, and could easily integrate with other applications and technologies.

Building the Zultys Brand by Building Successful Channel Partners

The Zultys channel program is unique in the industry because of its loyalty and dedication to its partners. Brown cited examples of other vendors establishing as many dealers as possible in one region, promoting competition among them and actually diluting their ability to effectively serve their partners. By contrast, Zultys is tightly integrated with its channel partners, carefully selecting which partners to work with rather than saturating various regions with Zultys partners. Thus, Zultys channel partners are protected throughout the tenure of the relationship.

“We work as a team,” said Brown. “Zultys listens to us, they understand our needs and they work with us on specific deals to customize applications to meet the needs of our customers. We have never had a relationship with a company like the one we’ve developed with Zultys.

“CCI Intellisys is everything we look for in a channel partner.  They are committed to their customers, their community, and our industry, and this commitment is supported by an outstanding work ethic”, said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer, Zultys.

“Their triumphs translate to our own, which is why we revere our channel partners and work hard to maintain stellar relationships with them. CCI Intellisys is the best example of the kind of success that can be achieved by fostering solid channel partner unions.”

For more information on the Zultys channel partner program, please visit https://zultys.com/partners/resellers-distributors.php