Zultys Announces Release of MXreport™ Custom Call Report Writer

Zultys Announces Release of MXreport™ Custom Call Report Writer

22:24 05 October in MXsoftware, News

Provides call center managers and system administrators with powerful insight into call handling and agent performance

Zultys, Inc., the Smarter Communications company, a leading provider of Unified Communications and IP Business Phone Systems since 2001, announced the launch of the new MXreport™ tool that provides Call Center managers and System Administrators with deep insight into call handling and agent performance. MXreport taps into nearly 50 call detail record (CDR) fields through an easy to use drag-and-drop report builder interface that lets managers create and output their own custom reports that include graphs and key data. Reports can also be generated into spreadsheets and other document formats. MXreport enables companies to better understand and improve their Call Center operations, communications flow and customer service.

“Companies are continuously looking to improve their Call Center operations and to control costs,” said Neil Lichtman, Chairman & CEO of Zultys. “Zultys Unified Communications allow for company-wide, real-time collaboration that supports distributed agent Call Center operations and management capabilities. MXreport provides a powerful tool to help companies analyze  their communications patterns, employee productivity and customer service levels. This reporting tool can be especially useful to the legal and finance sectors where companies must be able to accurately identify communications with specific clients and programs, and to meet legal and regulatory requirements.”

The Zultys MX Unified Communications Operating System that manages an MX phone system maintains a CDR database for all call sessions. The data fields stored in this records database can be searched based on a customized selection criteria, extracted and formatted into meaningful management reports. The MX system automatically comes with over 34 comprehensive, preformatted management reports that are accessible on-demand from the MX Administrator interface.

MXreport gives Zultys customers more granular control in accessing and reporting this data. Each CDR record contains nearly 50 fields of call data information. MXreport is an advanced report writer software client running under Microsoft Windows that gives the User the ability to access the CDR fields, extract, sort, and group the data in customized report templates. With MXreport, you can change the appearance of an existing report or create new management reports quickly and easily. A newly created report can be saved as a report template for repeated use.

Pricing and Availability

MXreport is available immediately through our global network of Authorized Resellers.  For more information accesshttps://zultys.com/products/voip-business-phone-systems/index.php or call +1 (408) 328-0450.