Zultys Announces MX Release 5.4 With Features to Simplify Deployment and Enhance Communications Data Archiving and Reporting

Zultys Announces MX Release 5.4 With Features to Simplify Deployment and Enhance Communications Data Archiving and Reporting

22:14 04 October in MXsoftware

Release also enhances MXconference internal audio bridge with call set-up and management tools

Zultys Inc., the Smarter Communications company, a leading provider of Unified Communications and IP Business Phone Systems since 2001, announced the release of their newest software (Release 5.4) for the MX30 and MX250 IP PBX systems. This latest release adds powerful new MX Data Archiver tools, features that streamline deployment with bulk device and profile set-up tools and improve network efficiency, as well as additions to the MXconference internal audio bridge that make it easier to set-up, manage and run audio conference sessions.

“Our number one priority is the quality of the end user experience, for both the average user and the system administrator. This release is designed to help both do their job more efficiently by improving and speeding system deployment and network efficiency, and helping them better understand their company’s calling patterns through new MX Data Archiver tools. We are grateful for having such a dedicated reseller base, and constantly strive to meet their expectations and maintain our reputation for having the most advanced single-server Unified Communications solution in the industry,” says Vladimir Movshovich, Zultys CTO.

MX Data Archiver

This program allows for the long term archiving of all voicemails, faxes, call recordings, instant message and call detail records (CDR) to an external database. With Release 5.4 a single instance of MX Data Archiver can now collect, sort and search data across an entire corporate network of up to 128 MX IP PBX nodes, with faster search times and improved performance. These features complement the release of the new MXreport™ custom reporting tool, which allows Supervisors and Administrators to create custom Call Reports with a powerful drag & drop report creation tool that examines some 50 data fields captured within the Call Data Report archive.

Call Center

Improvements to the call center include new reporting statistics for Wallboard, such as “Total Time on Hold,” “Current Wait Time,” and integration with the new MXreport™ tool.

Network Efficiency and System Deployment

New features for more rapid system roll-out include a “batch deployment” feature for SIP devices that lets system administrators add multiple devices simultaneously based on a list of MAC addresses, coupled with new default device profile settings that populate new Zultys ZIP IP phone devices with enough information to get users up and running more quickly than before.  Real-time ISDN call-monitoring allows system administrators to quickly capture and review ISDN signalling messages to improve network efficiency.


This is Zultys’ built-in audio conference feature that lets a company  host  audio conferences, eliminating the need for costly recurring subscription-based hosted conference services. Release 5.4 gives MXconference users finer control over their calls through a new “Mute User” button to selectively mute call participants, and improved conference set-up and management controls.

Pricing and Availability

MX30 / MX250 Release 5.4 is available immediately through our global network of Authorized Resellers.  For more information access https://zultys.com/products/voip-business-phone-systems/index.php or call +1 (408) 328-0450.