Zultys Announces iConnected™ Mobile Unified Communications Client Release v1.06 for iPhone 4 and Apple iOS4

Zultys Announces iConnected™ Mobile Unified Communications Client Release v1.06 for iPhone 4 and Apple iOS4

21:59 07 July in Mobile Solutions

Enhanced integration with iPhones for Zultys MX250 and MX30 IP PBX Users

Zultys Inc., an award-winning IP telephony solution provider for SMB and enterprises, and Quarta Mobile, Inc., an innovator of applications and services based on the Apple platform and devices, announced today the availability of Release Version 1.06  for the iConnected™ mobile Unified Communications client for the iPhone. iConnected Version 1.06  is compatible with Apple iOS4 and extends Zultys Unified Communications mobility to the iPhone 4. The Release includes several new features, including an enhanced user interface, automatic presence status change depending on application status, and iOS4 multitasking support to enable iConnected to be immediately ready to work from the last saved state after switching from other applications.

iConnected provides real-time connectivity with Zultys MX250 and MX30 IP PBXs to deliver a complete Unified Communications experience to mobile workers. This allows them to stay fully connected to their entire company and provides critical productivity-enhancing tools like real-time presence, displayed visual voice mail, internal extension dialing,  corporate directory access, and conduct IM sessions and emails right from the corporate directory.

iConnected enables:

  • Real-time mobile presence which allows you  to see the status and availability of others in the company
  • Single number contact and extension
  • Corporate directory and PBX access from the iPhone
  • Integration with the internal iPhone address book
  • Real time call alerts and IM alerts
  • The ability to launch email and IM sessions from the corporate address book
  • Access to Call Handling Rules

iConnected seamlessly connects people across their entire organization – whether on the road, remote, or in a corporate office — into a single seamless communications network. The iConnected mobile application allows people to see which of their co-workers are online and available, and the best way to reach them. This “anytime, anywhere connectivity” will make it faster and easier for people to stay in contact with colleagues and customers, boosting productivity, revenues, and cutting costs.

Zultys provides robust support for mobile and remote workers. Its unique mobility support features include iConnected for the iPhone, MXmobile for BlackBerry devices, MXconnect which enables ANY phone (including a standard home phone) to be integrated into a Zultys Unified Communications system,  Find Me/Follow Me for remote and mobile workers, as well as Twinning and more. With Zultys you can always remain connected to your corporate system, regardless of location.

About Quarta Mobile

Quarta Mobile, Inc. was established in 2006. Its mission is to enable mobile devices with additional intelligence in order to extend the functionality of these devices in a global market. Quarta Mobile is the developer of many applications as well as distinct services for mobile devices and device users who want to be connected to a wide variety of media and mediums. In 2007, the developers of Quarta Mobile began working with some of the technologies that form the essence of the Mac OS X platform. Since 2009, Quarta Mobile has sharply focused on applications and services based on the Apple platform and its devices (the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac desktops and portables) and continues to provide strong innovations in the market. Visit http://www.quartamobile.com/ for more information.