The Amazing Flexibility of IP PBX systems for Auto Dealerships

The Amazing Flexibility of IP PBX systems for Auto Dealerships

17:50 15 December in Case Studies

auto31-300x193If selling cars is your business, availability to customers and accuracy of information are two of the keys to success. When representatives and managers are not readily accessible to hit the sales floor and answer questions, large sales can walk out the door and never come back. The ability to close sales is firmly wrapped up in seamless communication through business phone systems and integrated solutions. A high quality IP PBX system can provide a full Unified Communications solution that can ensure customers get the service that they need when they need it, and that sales representatives and managers are accessible– on the lot and off.

When the outdated phone system for the Ken Garff Automotive Group could no longer be relied upon, they decided it was time to switch to an integrated alternative that would offer more services at a lower cost to operate. After an extensive evaluation of different options, they opted to go with a hosted Zultys system that integrated several different services that weren’t available with their old PBX.

Answers, Transfers and Support

Ken Garff Automotive Group needed a better solution for managing incoming calls and ensuring they were getting to the right place. When customers call to ask initial questions or follow up on a potential or completed sales, getting to the person that they need is the key to keeping them happy and invested in the company. They are often unwilling to wait an extended period for a salesperson to respond to a page over the intercom, and letting them off the line for a return call could be saying goodbye forever. Calls can be lost as they are transferred through traditional office phone systems, and long wait times are not good for customer retention.

A Unified Communications system provides effective solutions for call transfers to a variety of locations including on and off site phones. When customers call into the main number, they can then be transferred to the recipient’s desk, cell phone or home phone, if appropriate. Whether sales representatives are on the lot or at their homes, the communications system can forward calls to each location using the same extension. The customer experience is seamless whether the call is transferred across the building or across the country.

This worked for the Ken Garff group. Visual presence statuses allow operators to determine where sales staff and managers are, and how they can be reached. Now, they can directly connect customers and staff without delay, and customers receive a higher level of service.

Easy, Automated Follow Ups

Unified Communications also improve the ability for the dealership to reach customers who may be in the market to purchase or who require follow-up after a purchase. IP PBX systems place automated reminder calls to customers who are due for service or who require updates about their vehicles. Additionally, prospective customers can be contacted when the car they’re looking for comes into stock or when there are new sales programs to offer. The seamless telecommunications experience ensures that the dealerships stay in touch with leads who can then become buyers.

Seamless Backend Integration

The employee only side of communication greatly improves through IP PBX systems, and salespeople, managers and other departments are more able to access information quickly and easily through phone, fax, email and voicemail. The hosted phone system interfaces with other telecommunications tools, and all of this information is routed through the system and funneled into one place.

As customers and venders send information into the dealership, it all becomes available through the integrated software. Unified Communications systems like the solutions offered by Zultys are also able to integrate with Outlook as well as CRM dealer systems like Dealer Socket. The Ken Garff group reported immediate improvements in workflow and ability to assist customers with the Dealer Socket integration. Now, the information that comes into the dealership can be maintained all in one place, and it can be compared to dealer systems seamlessly and generate answers for customers almost instantly.

Unified Communications Can Close The Sale

Car dealerships like those that make up the Ken Garff Automotive Group can offer customers a seamless communication experience that reduces frustration and increases the possibility of current or future sales. By connecting buyers to the people they need and connecting employees to the data that makes sales possible, the hard work of turning browsers into buyers is streamlined into one location.

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