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Improve Client Services With A Unified Communications System at Your Law Firm

18:19 12 January in Mobile Solutions

Law firms throughout the country are making the decision to adapt to fully hosted or cloud-based phone systems in order to ensure that the most important part of their operation, the client, always receives the best service possible. Systems like Zultys enable law firms to enhance client relationships by improving efficiency, cutting costs, redirecting IT support and allowing access to the system from anywhere. Ritsema and Lyon, P.C., a law firm out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has implemented the Zultys systems into their five different offices. By doing so, they have been able to streamline communication and enjoy each of the...

Modernizing Education with Cloud-Based Communications

17:55 22 December in Mobile Solutions

Public school districts, private and charter schools, trade schools and post-secondary educational institutions all are feeling the squeeze of increasingly small budgets. While programs are bring cut across the board, the demand for quality education continues to increase. Innovation Provides For Instruction School administrators and technology professionals trying desperately to find ways to use technology to reduce spending without impacting students. The quality of American education cannot become a secondary concern to budgetary restrictions. By modernizing in many different ways, schools can save substantial amounts of money that will then be freed up to support the students and the programs that will...