Premises, Virtual Or Hosted? Which is right for Your Business?

18:06 08 January in Mobile Solutions

If it’s time to update your traditional PBX to a more modern option, the choices can be confusing. Corporations have access to incredibly robust and flexible unified communications systems that make just about any telecommunications need a reality, but determining the best solution for each company depends on a variety of factors. The options include local premises-based systems, virtual solutions and fully hosted, cloud-based solutions. Each has pros and cons, so consider the pro’s and con’s for your organization. With Zultys, businesses can get the same features and functionality, utilize the same phones and manage the system with the same software, so...

Go Mobile with Your PBX

06:34 30 September in Mobile Solutions

No matter whether your employees are on site or across the country, adding a mobile element to your PBX lets them stay completely connected. Calls are routed directly to mobile phones through an enterprise level PBX system that seamlessly integrates off-site access with the business critical tools that IP PBX systems have made possible. Mobile options can reduce costs while enhancing customer experience and access. Employees from across the world can provide the highest level of service to customers while utilizing access to messages, faxes, conferencing, phone systems and more through mobile PBX interfaces. As mobile systems grow in usage and...