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Why Now Is The Time To Replace Your Old PBX

18:22 15 January in Mobile Solutions

Your traditional PBX system is like the little engine that could, and it will continue to chug along as long as you let it. If you have a traditional PBX, you may not feel a sense of urgency in upgrading to today’s new technology options. For the most part, corporate PBXes are reliable to a fault, and they will continue working as long as the organization uses them and they literally wear out. That’s not a bad thing for investment preservation, but it does preclude a TON of new productivity capabilities that have been made possible by hosted and IP...

Nine Reasons To Take Your Communications To The Cloud

18:00 01 January in Mobile Solutions

IP PBX systems have pushed the telecommunications industry to a whole new level by adding several different elements of functionality that were not possible through traditional PBX systems. The reliance on landlines was greatly reduced while the access to quality, VoIP-based telecom improved. Now, the industry takes the flexibility even further by providing hosted, cloud-based options that are accessible from everywhere. The cloud has revolutionized telecommunications as we know it, and the simple switch to a solution like Zultys makes it possible to harness the versatility of mobile communication while still enjoying enterprise level functionality. Using the cloud to operate your...

Modernizing Education with Cloud-Based Communications

17:55 22 December in Mobile Solutions

Public school districts, private and charter schools, trade schools and post-secondary educational institutions all are feeling the squeeze of increasingly small budgets. While programs are bring cut across the board, the demand for quality education continues to increase. Innovation Provides For Instruction School administrators and technology professionals trying desperately to find ways to use technology to reduce spending without impacting students. The quality of American education cannot become a secondary concern to budgetary restrictions. By modernizing in many different ways, schools can save substantial amounts of money that will then be freed up to support the students and the programs that will...