IP-Enable Your Current PBX

Yes, You Can IP-enable Your Existing PBX

For customers wishing to protect their existing PBX investment, the Zultys MX series of IP phone systems is able to seamlessly VoIP enable legacy TDM systems, effectively protecting your existing investment while providing a clear migration path to a full IP Telephony solution.

VoIP Enabling is a Straight Forward Process

Like all aspects of the Zultys solution, VoIP enabling your legacy PBX is a straight forward process often requiring nothing more than some basic changes to the Dial Plan / Routing Rules on the Legacy PBX. Over time, existing and new users may be easily added to the MX250 system, and the flexible licensing of the system ensures that you only need to purchase extra capacity when it is needed.

Add an Advanced Contact Center

In addition, an MX system may be deployed to add advanced Contact Center functionality to an existing legacy PBX system.

Rapid Return on Investment

Why throw money away by continuing to invest in your legacy PBX? Realize a rapid return on investment with an open standards, SIP based, Unified Communications solution from Zultys.

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