Managing Multi-Locations from Anywhere

Serving Up Delicious Unified Communications Solutions

For service industry companies such as sole proprietor restaurants and restaurant chains, effective communications, organizational efficiency, customer service and managing costs all contribute to the establishment’s public image and financial success. Restaurant owners investing in IP-based unified communications (UC) are embracing these vital applications to build a more efficient, responsive mobile workforce while growing its customer base for increased revenue.

UC Helps Managers Stay On Top of Operations

IP communications offers a highly secure network that gives access to cost effective, productivity enhancing applications. A Zultys VoIP business system with UC combines voice, data, video and presence applications on a single platform and offers collaboration solutions that positively affect the bottom line and customer service. Built on open source technology, Zultys IP PBX and UC solutions seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook and other restaurant/CRM management systems for a truly unified solution. Restaurants with locations across town or larger chains on a regional or national basis use UC for operational efficiency, reduced costs and connecting communications so managers can stay on top of the multi-location operation.

Benefits of UC Technology In Restaurants

Implementing cost-effective IP-based UC solutions delivers a quick return on investment (ROI) along with these other benefits:

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Improve communications with professional inbound call handling

The decision to use a live hostess or auto attendant/IVR system is important one. If staffing is limited, a large call volume for reservations is occurring or there’s a need to handle calls similarly for projecting a consistent company image, an auto attendant/IVR system offers incoming call management and directs calls to the appropriate extension or voice mailbox. Callers listen to a series of voice prompts to reach the intended party the first time they call. Other ways telephone features are used to aid in call handling include:

  • Scripts for different restaurants can be customized to fit each individual restaurant’s image
  • Internal call transfers are easily done using 4-digit dialing
  • Call pickup ensures calls are answered properly and allows restaurants to define pickup groups by grouping extension together.  Any phone in the restaurant can be used to answer a call that is ringing on another extension within the designated pickup group.

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Deliver superior customer service

The phone system plays a pivotal role in customers receiving responsive service when making inquires and reservations. Should one restaurant be unable to book a reservation, having a unified solution allows the hostess to suggest a reservation at another property. Incoming callers more easily reach their intended party. For owners with multiple locations, the ability manage a single Zultys communications systems for all locations reduces time and effort than if different phone systems were required.

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Increase staff efficiency with collaboration tools

Keeping up with technology advancements lets restaurants gain operational and staff efficiencies instead of wasting time and increasing employee frustration with an outdated phone system. Incorporating and customizing new services, along with other CRM/reservation and restaurant specific applications, into the business streamlines operations, saves employees time while doing their job and motivates employees. Collaborative tools like presence and conferencing make it easier for managers to manage multiple properties, reach employees wherever they are, at anytime, and hold daily meetings and employee training sessions.

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Reduce IT and operational costs

Zultys’ affordable IP phone system is the perfect choice for a dispersed, mobile workforce and a growing restaurant business. One system can handle communications and streamline operations across multiple locations.  Long distance fees are reduced and minimal effort is required to manage the system including adding, moving and making changes to IP phones.  Costs associated with processing point of sale credit card transactions are also further reduced using IP vs. older analog network. Zultys solutions are affordable, integrate with legacy systems for investment preservation and are scalable, allowing the VoIP system to grow in the future.

Everything Restaurants Need For Communications and More From Zutlys

Building a restaurant business involves excellent food and superior service to spread the good reviews and keep diners coming back. The public’s first impression is inbound calling for a reservation. Savvy owners realize that a feature-rich and reliable phone system with UC is an important business investment for enhancing their professional image and employee productivity. Zultys solutions work with other reservation and/CRM applications in a single platform for easy maintenance and scalability. With customized solutions targeted specifically at improving restaurant effectiveness, Zultys is ready to be your partner to build a network solution for more effective communications, better organizational efficiency, superior customer service and reduced costs.