Martin Engineering

Global Supplier of Bulk Material Handling Systems Scales Up With Zultys

“The Zultys solution paid for itself on day one. Thanks to its all-in-one approach, ease of installation and scalability, and support for real-time mobile Unified Communications and remote workers, Zultys provides us with all the tools we need to be competitive, reduce costs and meet our customers’ needs worldwide. I don’t think that anybody in the market can compete with the features, redundancy and price point of Zultys. We’re so impressed, we’re going to roll out Zultys across all of our global operating unit.”

Wayne Roesner

Information Technology Manager
Martin Engineering


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  • Neoponset, IL headquarters with locations in 11 countries
  • Worldwide operations and clients
  • Seamless integration of hundreds of employees across multiple sites
  • Remote and mobile worker support required across a global operations base
  • Interested in implementing Unified Communications (UC) capabilities

The Customer

If there’s one thing Martin Engineering knows, it’s how to make the handling of bulk materials like coal and grain cleaner, safer and more productive. Since 1944, Martin Engineering has grown from a small local business in Illinois into the leading global supplier of bulk materials handling systems and processes. Martin Engineering products (conveyor systems, flow aid systems, and training and support services) are in use at many major coal, grain and other bulk materials handling and shipment facilities, from seaports to power plants.

“We’re a company that embraces advanced technology — including 3D design and systems modeling — to improve our products and processes,” said Wayne Roesner, Information Technology Manager at Martin Engineering. “So we’re very aware of the benefits we could achieve through VoIP and UC. We just weren’t seeing that materialize with the ShoreTel phone system we had implemented.”

The Challenge

With more than 65 years of experience under its belt, the Illinois-based company knows that timely, quality communications are key to efficient operations and customer satisfaction. However, with hundreds of employees at offices scattered across 11 countries, and facilities ranging from headquarters offices to manufacturing centers, Martin Engineering faced a growing cost and quality-of-service challenge with its ShoreTel phone system.

Not only did the company experience significant support costs for its ShoreTel system, it was also finding it difficult to scale the system to meet operational needs.

“The ShoreTel system had a significantly higher total cost of ownership and maintenance than we’d expected, and it was also very difficult to scale cost-effectively across our business units and operations,” Roesner said. “We knew we needed to find another solution that could better meet our business needs.”

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The Solution

Midland Communications, a Zultys reseller partner with more than 30 years of telecommunications experience, fully audited Martin Engineering’s business communications needs to craft a Zultys solution that resulted in an immediate return on investment. The Zultys solution allowed Martin Engineering to migrate all of its phone services to SIP trunking to realize immediate cost savings, and cut its support and maintenance costs by 50 percent. The solution met current business needs, fully supported remote and mobile workers worldwide and laid a clear path for seamless system expansion.

“We quickly realized that the Zultys solution was an ideal fit for Martin Engineering’s needs, given its multi-site and remote worker requirements and desire to cut costs while expanding communications tools for the company,” said Jason Smith, VP of Midland Communications. “Zultys’ native SIP solution is efficient, powerful and flexible. Furthermore, Zultys has a true partner-centric worldview. We know we can count on Zultys’ support, and the fact that they view our success as being equal to their own is refreshing.”

Midland Communications implemented the Zultys solution that completely replaced the company’s inefficient ShoreTel system. The initial phase covered 500 employees through the implementation of a redundant cluster of MX250 IP PBXs installed at their Neoponset, Illinois headquarters campus, with MX30 IP PBXs located at facilities in Peoria, Illinois; Denver; Aspen, Colorado; Ozarks, Missouri; and a site in Mexico. The company also installed Zultys IP phones at each site.

The Zultys MX250 and MX30 all-in-one solutions combine a wide range of UC features — including voice, high-definition video calling, presence, IM/chat, powerful call handling and UC mobility — into a single 2U rack-mountable or shelf-top appliance. The company secured licenses for MXIE™ (the Zultys Unified Communications Client), UC mobility, fax, call record and other features. The Zultys IP Phone Systems were networked together into an MXnetwork configuration, providing completely seamless company-wide UC, including extension dialing, presence and chat services.

“The Zultys solution paid for itself on day one,” said Roesner. “Our transition to the solution was near seamless, including a full migration to SIP trunking that immediately paid for the entire cost of the system installation by eliminating expensive PSTN services. Also, because of the simplified system architecture the Zultys ‘all in one’ solution provides, we were able to cut our maintenance and support costs in half. We’re also realizing significant productivity gains and improvements in customer service through great tools like presence, chat and mobility.”

The Impact

Martin Engineering has been able to weave its global workforce into a single team through Zultys’ fully integrated UC solution.

Roesner stated, “Now our entire staff has the same access and connectivity to the corporate communications system, no matter where they’re located. Zultys does a great job with seamless, painless remote worker support, and the UC mobility application for BlackBerry and the iPhone means even our mobile workers are fully integrated and accessible. An employee can be on their mobile phone at a customer site and collaborate with colleagues around the world to troubleshoot in real-time. All of this together boosts our company competiveness.”