Nine Reasons To Take Your Communications To The Cloud

Nine Reasons To Take Your Communications To The Cloud

18:00 01 January in Mobile Solutions

plug-in-to-the-cloudIP PBX systems have pushed the telecommunications industry to a whole new level by adding several different elements of functionality that were not possible through traditional PBX systems. The reliance on landlines was greatly reduced while the access to quality, VoIP-based telecom improved. Now, the industry takes the flexibility even further by providing hosted, cloud-based options that are accessible from everywhere.

The cloud has revolutionized telecommunications as we know it, and the simple switch to a solution like Zultys makes it possible to harness the versatility of mobile communication while still enjoying enterprise level functionality. Using the cloud to operate your unified communications solution makes fiscal sense for most operations, and it can significantly increase productivity without substantial hardware costs.

  1. Get Enterprise services without the Enterprise price tag. Cloud-based services require reduced up front charges for setup, implementation and ongoing support. Companies can adopt an entire suite for Unified Communications functionality without footing a huge monthly bill.

  1. Future-proof your telecommunications system and avoid replacement after just a few years. The cloud helps you preserve your investment by automatically pushing system updates to users and adding new functionality as soon as its available. Users will never need to change to a more current system because the cloud ensures that operations get regular updates and enhancements without having to upgrade the entire infrastructure.

  1. Get the best without buying all new equipment. Because cloud-based Unified Communications systems are hosted off-site, they are made to utilize existing hardware as much as possible. This greatly reduces the initial investment to switch to a new IP PBX system while still ensuring that companies get the full suite of advanced, reliable and entirely functional telecom options.

  1. All your services with just one bill. Rather than paying different companies for individual services, local, long distance and international calling get combined on the same bill with other benefits like video conferencing, instant messaging, mobile support and more. It’s easier to keep track of what you’re spending for your services when you get only one single bill for everything!

  1. Get things done from anywhere. Taking your IP PBX to the cloud enables businesses to connect to mobile services or access the system from anywhere. Whether on a landline, smartphone, tablet or personal computer, those who need it can get access from behind their desk, on the road, and everywhere in between.

  1. Increase productivity by creating new opportunities and shorter production times. Cloud-based communications enable people to access systems from anywhere, and this ensures that they can get things done regardless of where they are. Productivity increases when employees are no longer limited by location.

  1. Work from a smart phone without losing any office functionality. Mobile communication applications like the options available from Zultys make it possible to connect to the entire IP PBX system from a smart phone. Management can make call flow changes, adjust employee access and more from the application. Employees can check voicemail, send messages, answer calls and achieve just about anything that they could do from behind their desk.

  1. Scale your system to size and never invest in more than you need at a time. Cloud-based Unified Communications solutions like Zultys enable business owners to pay for as many users as they need without forking over the fees for extra. As the organization grows, the telecommunications system expands with it.

  1. Get the kind of reliability that is vital in business telecommunications. Cloud-based IP PBX systems provide a level of redundancy that cannot be achieved with many other options. Multiple data centers ensure that systems will always be active even if one should go off line. In essence, a cloud-based systems is supervised for functionality at all times without hiring an in-house person to do it.

Take It To The Cloud And Save In More Ways Than One

Revolutionize your corporate telecommunications by connecting all of your offices through a Unified Communications system. Cloud-based or fully hosted solutions offer low up front cost with an arsenal of features that aren’t available with more traditional options. Save money, improve efficiency and implement solutions for ongoing telecom problems with one simple switch.

For more information on what the cloud can do for your business, contact a Zultys Cloud Systems Expert today.