Modernizing Education with Cloud-Based Communications

Modernizing Education with Cloud-Based Communications

17:55 22 December in Mobile Solutions

Cloud-network-sysyem-300x225Public school districts, private and charter schools, trade schools and post-secondary educational institutions all are feeling the squeeze of increasingly small budgets. While programs are bring cut across the board, the demand for quality education continues to increase.

Innovation Provides For Instruction

School administrators and technology professionals trying desperately to find ways to use technology to reduce spending without impacting students. The quality of American education cannot become a secondary concern to budgetary restrictions. By modernizing in many different ways, schools can save substantial amounts of money that will then be freed up to support the students and the programs that will be next on the chopping block. Rather than forfeiting the quality of education, schools can actually enjoy an increased set of benefits while eliminating expensive, old, obsolete technology that takes an inordinate amount of time, effort and money to support or retrofit to try to do the job.

Cutting Costs by Being On The Cutting Edge

Unified communications systems present an opportunity for administrators, teachers and staff to get connected no matter where they are located, and the cost to the district is much less than older solutions.

Unified communications system utilize VoIP technology, which means that phone systems no longer rely solely on landlines. Instead, telecommunications run through internet-powered IP PBX systems. Rather than paying monthly for several phone lines to connect each school to the outside world, administrators are able to cut back significantly by using the Internet that the schools already have. Beyond that, long-distance charges can be reduced or eliminated, and schools can have access to additional communications mediums like encrypted chat, fax servers, video conferencing and more that would have been cost-prohibitive before.

All Campuses on One System

A single Unified Communications system can be used to run an entire school district or a network of geographically distributed campuses over multiple states. It can be scaled to grow as more staff is brought on and new schools are built. Instead of having telecom or IT experts traveling throughout the county or stationed in each school, facilities can employ people at a single location who can repair issues without travel. Thousands can be saved on telecommunications infrastructure that, again, goes back into the coffers to be shared by students rather than utility companies.

Bringing Students, Parents and Teachers Together with Unified Communications

More students are entering school systems with higher expectations for access to information, instant responses and utilization of technology for collaboration with students in other buildings, other states or other countries.

Unified Communications systems can reduce expensive monthly fees for landline based operations, and they can further reduce the need for expensive systems to run individual schools as well as the cost of maintenance for older systems. Many systems of today enable you to leverage your existing systems.

To learn more about how you can improve education and communications systems with today’s more efficient Unified Communications solutions, please contact Zultys for an online demo of our Educational Systems.