Zultys Unified Communication

Our Mission

Having the right communications system truly can power your business success, so at Zultys, we are committed to providing the right products, services and support to make that happen. Zultys mission is to deliver leading edge, comprehensive unified communication solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective; and enable companies of all sizes to improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, grow sales and increase profitability. From small businesses to multi-national corporations, Zultys solutions are helping thousands of companies meet their customer’s needs every day.

Our Story

Originally founded in 2001, Zultys was a pioneer in voice over IP technology, and has differentiated itself from the competition by quickly adapting to the market’s changing demands and offering customers solutions that truly made business communication and collaboration simple and effective. The Zultys MX platform boasts an impressive feature set that can be useful for both a multi-national enterprise and a small or medium-sized business. Our Zultys Cloud Services solution, released in 2014, has been taking the industry by storm, as it combines both the robust functionality and flexibility of the MX system and the convenience of a cloud-based solution. With the core belief that ‘high performance doesn’t have to be highly complex’, Zultys is simplifying the way employees communicate and collaborate, one office at a time.