Improving Patient Care With Unified Communications

Improving Patient Care With Unified Communications

17:57 29 December in Mobile Solutions

woman-doctor-on-phone-300x200A regular day at a healthcare provider’s office or a facility can feel like a jumble of insurance policies, fielding patient phone calls, sorting out billing issues and trying to connect providers to ensure that they communicate with patients about important issues. Even with everything that goes on during a normal day in healthcare, providers, office managers and administrators can’t lose sight of the real purpose for all of it: ensuring patient health and safety.

Offices and facilities have to address every phone call as vital because every one very well could be. Any communication can be an emergency. Outdated phone systems have become an obstacle because they can present barriers to the kind of seamless and simple communication processes that today’s fast-moving practices need and patients have come to expect.

Providing results that matter to delivering the best healthcare

There is an easier way to ensure that each patient is receiving the care and response that they need while making it possible for providers to connect from anywhere. Solutions like Zultys Healthcare Systems enable offices to streamline clinical workflows and ensure that patients are always the foremost concern.

By implementing a unified communications system with mobile functionality like Zultys Mobile Communicator, physicians can gain access from anywhere and communicate with patients whenever they need to – without providing their personal phone numbers. Doctors who are often on the road or at different hospitals do not have to be disconnected from their offices, and they can easily be reached through the same system that they use to communicate when they are sitting behind their desks.

Benefits to Employees, Patients and Physicians

Excellent patient care begins with excellent communication, and Unified Communications systems represent a huge improvement over technology from even a few years ago. Today’s healthcare systems take the guess work out of finding an answer or reaching a provider when a patient is in need. By integrating phone systems that can be forwarded to offices, homes and mobile phones using dynamic call handling rules, physicians can be available from anywhere.

Instant messaging (IM) provides quick and direct access as well as status messages that indicate location, so others know how quickly to expect a response. Each office can be on the same phone system, which eliminates the guess work that patients have to do to get the right person on the phone. Each of these benefits makes it possible to ensure that calls are being fielded correctly while expectations are being set for call back time and availability.

Moving Toward Mobility Is A Must

As our society becomes more mobile, our providers and offices have to adapt in order to ensure that patients get the correct care. Unified communications systems integrate with mobile phones, desktop programs, EMRs, EHRs and more so that doctors have the information they need right at their fingertips without having to switch between several programs or use different machines simultaneously. Using a comprehensive healthcare communications solution facilitates the best care possible.

As a result patients get the attention that results in vast improvements in overall patient satisfaction, and even improved healthcare outcomes as automated messages with pre-op and post-op or discharge instructions can be easily set up. Unified communications systems make it possible to guarantee that patients get the care that they need when they need it, and that medical staff have the access that they require in order to be able to provide it.

We’ve got the Right Prescription for your Communications Needs

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