Improve Client Services With A Unified Communications System at Your Law Firm

Improve Client Services With A Unified Communications System at Your Law Firm

18:19 12 January in Mobile Solutions

Thinking-about-cloud-300x135Law firms throughout the country are making the decision to adapt to fully hosted or cloud-based phone systems in order to ensure that the most important part of their operation, the client, always receives the best service possible. Systems like Zultys enable law firms to enhance client relationships by improving efficiency, cutting costs, redirecting IT support and allowing access to the system from anywhere.

Ritsema and Lyon, P.C., a law firm out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has implemented the Zultys systems into their five different offices. By doing so, they have been able to streamline communication and enjoy each of the benefits that a strong UC system can provide. Now, communication with clients, colleagues, other firms can be immediate, and the IT staff is no longer bogged down trying to support a proprietary system.

Improve Efficiency

Unified Communications make it possible to connect each office through one system. This ensures that clients get the best response possible regardless which office they call. By calling a single line, clients can be transferred to any of the offices without an interruption in the call flow. Additionally, the availability of systems like Presence enable receptionists and staff to locate colleagues and attorneys no matter where they are.

Partners from Ritsema & Lyon state that the Presence feature has made it substantially easier for receptionists to locate one of the 36 attorneys, and it helps them to determine availability for call handling. This reduces the amount of time on the phone without reducing the level of service, and it ensures that the proper expectations are set for clients.

From there, instant messaging connects staff to each other and reduces the amount of time spent on the phone or physically locating an employee. Messages can be forwarded to desktops, mobile phone and tablets, and they provide a modality for quick answers regardless of the location of the recipient.

Cutting Costs

Law firms like Ritsema & Lyon can save a substantial amount by switching to a Unified Communications system. Long distance costs are eliminated, while phone, fax, conference calls, video conferences and more are integrated into the same system and come as one single bill. Fully hosted, cloud-based systems like the solution implemented by Ritsema & Lyon reduce costs over traditional hardware by lowering the amount of equipment necessary.

Redirecting IT Support

Setting up and maintaining traditional PBX systems can be laborious and, in some cases, impossible for a single person or small team to manage. Reduce the amount of time that support staff have to spend working on proprietary phone systems by relying on the 24/7 service of a managed system. Ritsema & Lyon utilizes the off site support and management of their unified communications system to make instant adjustments, add users, change extensions, connect off site locations, and remove the reliance on local support. With one phone call, IT personnel get the help they need instantly rather than waiting for several days as can happen with non-managed alternatives.

Access From Anywhere

Possibly the most important benefit for client services is the ability to connect to the Zultys system from anywhere. Whether it’s a new attorney, an employee who telecommutes or an existing staff member who needs to be off site, the phone system, presence, instant messaging, email, video conferencing and more can follow employees when they need it. On-site staff can interact with people who are out of the office as if they were standing a few rooms over, and attorneys can check messages and return phone calls during breaks in litigation. Fully hosted systems can be accessed from desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and clients are no longer limited by the geographic location of the recipient.

Make The Switch And Provide The Best Service Possible

No matter how you look at it, law is a client-based industry, and firms have to take the needs and access of the client into consideration. Our mobile society now insists on instant gratification and constant access. Fully hosted systems not only make that possible, but they improve efficiency in the process. Firms like Ritsema & Lyon have benefitted from improved productivity, lower costs, managed support and unlimited access, and professional associations across the country can reap the same rewards. For more information on how your office can benefit from a unified communications solution, contact your local Zultys representative today.