How Can Your Phone System Help Your Bottom Line?

How Can Your Phone System Help Your Bottom Line?

18:03 05 January in Mobile Solutions

Call-Me-2-300x200A reliable and versatile phone system is necessary to successfully operate a business, so most business owners simply chalk it up to another bill that they have to pay each month. This doesn’t have to be the case, though.

Upgrading or updating your telecommunications system can actually help your bottom line rather than infringe upon it even more. While it seems that new functionality should cost more, investing in an IP PBX system like the options offered by Zultys often results in a reduction in monthly fees and negligible up front cost.

Reduce the Number of Bills

Fully hosted unified communications systems do just that– they unify the telecom options into one cohesive system. Local, long distance, international calling, SIP trunks, messaging, video conferencing, mobile options and more are all billed under a single service and paid to one place. Businesses can more easily track their costs with a fully hosted option because one provider replaces a handful of different solutions.

Long Distance Charges Fall by the Wayside

Unified communications systems work with VoIP technology which means that calling is much less expensive than hardwired options. VoIP solutions, in many cases, offer free long distance and free or low cost international calling. Businesses can reduce or eliminate their calling charges with unified communications, and further capitalize on already reduced monthly fees.

You May be able to Use Your Existing Equipment

Fully hosted systems are often able to utilize existing equipment that is already owned by the company. That makes the upfront costs for switching to a unified communications system much less substantial than they would have been if new hardware was required. Many traditional PBX systems can be retrofitted to work with new IP PBX options so that businesses can continue to get value of their initial investment.

Boost Productivity in Your Contact Center

Since one of the best ways to save is to make more money, a unified communications system can also boost revenue with sophisticated contact center capabilities and management reporting to manage call groups and adjust staffing levels to ensure that no calls (and sales) are missed. Fully hosted IP PBXs also make it possible for employees to access the system from anywhere. Whether using the computer software at home or using the mobile app from the other side of the world, employees are able to focus on their jobs when necessary and communicate with the office and clients as if they are located within the facility. Easy access increases productivity and the more productive employees are, the more likely it is that revenue will increase. IP PBX solutions can help drive that.

Save On Facility Expansion

Unified Communications systems are the key to successful telecommuting, and businesses can save a substantial amount of money by enabling distance work rather than investing in new offices. The operation will be able to function no matter where the employees are located. IP PBX systems ensure that employees can provide the same service to customers while communicating effectively with colleagues without setting foot in an office building.

Investment Protection

With a fully hosted system, you always have access to the latest software features and functionality as soon as they are released, so you don’t have to replace equipment to continue to enhance your system. You can adjust the number of users as needed to always have a predictable, manageable budget and have full support, guaranteed uptime and reliability.

Upgrade and Save. Yes! It’s Possible

By switching from more traditional telecommunications options to today’s sophisticated fully hosted solutions, businesses can improve their bottom lines while gaining functionality. In fact, the switch may surprise you by providing an arsenal of tools that would have been cost-prohibitive before.

If you think your business could benefit from the revenue protection that comes with a unified communications system, contact your Zultys Cloud System Specialist for a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for your business!