How Can The Cloud Help My Business Communications

How Can The Cloud Help My Business Communications

09:45 27 October in Mobile Solutions

holding the cloudIf you aren’t down with the cloud, then there’s a good chance that innovation will pass you by in a big way. Telecommunications technology is shifting from centralized solutions that can serve a company from a single location to cloud-based alternatives that can serve a business across the globe. Location is becoming a consideration of the past. The cloud is making is possible for employees to communicate, collaborate and commute from anywhere in the world.

Your Cloud Is Always Above Your Head– But It Only Rains Down Data

The cloud can revolutionize the way a business communicates by making systems available from anywhere. The constant availability and connection to the work place increases productivity and enhances the viability of telecommuting. Remote employees have access to the same systems that on-site staff have, and they can access them to communicate with each other via phone, instant messaging, video conferencing and more. Collaboration can take place across the globe as easy as it once did across a building. Meetings are possible at a moment’s notice, and efficiency goes up across the board when employees have access to each other regardless of their physical location.

Your Cloud Can Take Care of Itself

Zultys Cloud phone systems are hosted in a fully redundant, monitored data center. You have the choice of administering the system and functionality yourself, or outsourcing that to the management company. That means your IT staff can focus on other critical operations and not worry about the configuration, management or maintenance of any element of the Cloud system. More so, deployment of updates and other upgrades to programs are taken care of externally and do not fall onto the IT department. User administration and changes can be made in minutes from the web-based admin interface.

Your Cloud Is Mobile

All of Zultys systems provide the ability to use mobile devices as an extension. Employees can do their job while on the go on smart phones and tablets if they aren’t able to access a desktop. Mobile access to the cloud and entire telecom systems has improved accessibility and significantly reduces downtime related to absence or travel. The office is everywhere thanks to the collaboration between Zultys systems and mobile devices.

Your Cloud Can Cost Less than Premise-Based Solutions

The cloud can improve your bottom line by changing your approach to expense management. Rather than a capital expense to purchase a complete phone system up front, hosted cloud systems are paid for on a month-to-month basis only for services subscribed to. You also save on local, long distance and international call charged. Cloud systems require the purchase of significantly less proprietary hardware and fewer devices that will become obsolete as technology advances. So ultimately, the upfront out-of-pocket is much less, and the expense over time primarily comes from businesses opting to expand services that they are pleased with–not from needing to replace and upgrade new systems. Because you always have access to the latest and greatest software and features, a cloud-based solution could be the last telephone system you’ll ever buy!

Your Cloud Repeats Itself

Though some find it frightening to host an integral business element in a remote location, the cloud actually creates a much more reliable system due to its failover capabilities and intentional redundancies. Cloud-based options operate from more than one data center, and they are all in different locations. If, for some reason, one data center goes down, back-ups are always ready and available to run the system from another location. Centralized, non-cloud-based systems go down when the local communication center goes down, and the only thing business owners can do is wait for repair. The cloud offers flexibility in more than one location at a time.

The Cloud Is Looking Up

The cloud enables small and medium-sized businesses access to enterprise capabilities while creating a more accessible work environment that is cost-effective to manage. The world is at your fingertips when your communications systems make their way into the cloud.

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