How A Unified Communications System Can Streamline Sales and Marketing

How A Unified Communications System Can Streamline Sales and Marketing

17:32 10 November in Case Studies

Woman-on-office-phone_shutterstock_129614792Unified Communications systems are making the world smaller and more accessible to business. Companies are using VoIP-based telecommunications setups to connect their branches and offer unprecedented service to their customers. As digital distance gets smaller from one side of the globe to another, businesses are shifting toward a standard based on instant access to colleagues and customers as well as reliable, internally controlled telecom.

Unified Communications For Your Business

One system can amount to an entire overhaul for business that begins with telecom convenience and takes the company straight through to very satisfied customers.

Sales and marketing based businesses of all kinds can benefit from the integration of a telecommunications system that allows for mobility, dynamic system adjustments and unprecedented access for customers.

Case Study: Denco Sales

Denco Sales, a wholesaler of products for the sign building industry, has been one such success story, and they share the effect that Unified Communications can have on business development and customer satisfaction. Their operation, including eight individual branches throughout the west of United States, has seen a steady positive expansion that they credit to the integration of their Unified Communications systems.


According to executives at Denco, the benefits of their Unified Communications system include:

  • Home Base Control. Shifting from a “basic” PBX system with out-of-house management to a seamless and easy-to-use Enterprise system that allows complete, in-house control.

  • Operations Command. “Flawless,” real-time adjustments to the telecom system including, but not limited to, immediate adjustments to call routing rules for handling overflow and addressing local system issues

  • Data. Data. Data. Call records that provide “who, what, when and from where” in an easy-to-use interface. Data allows Denco to create more targeted marketing and helps with determining where the budget should be allocated for certain demographics.

  • Seamless Transfers. Cohesion between all Denco branches including the ability to seamlessly transfer within and between offices ensures that customer experience remains the same whether the call is routed locally or hundreds of miles away.

  • Numbers-Based Staffing Solutions. Report driven figures provide insights into productivity, call time, number of calls answered and more to track goals and evenly distribute workload. Features allow management to determine how to staff offices and how to better utilize the current team for more effective time management.

  • Better Connections. Improvements in call quality, call handling, connection times and availability of phone agents get customers on the phone with a human faster and help them accomplish their goals in record time.

  • Happy Customers. Increases in customer satisfaction related to improved call quality and faster response time translates to more repeat customers.

  • Fewer Wasted Dollars and Man Hours. Reduction in financial waste significantly increased the ROI for implementing the Unified Communications system.

These results ARE typical. Unified Communications through options like Zultys are designed to be reliable and valuable for all businesses, no matter the size.

For more information on how Unified Communications helped propel Denco Sales into the future of telecom and innovative integration, watch their case study here.