How A Hosted UC System Can Streamline Your Business, Part 2

How A Hosted UC System Can Streamline Your Business, Part 2

17:48 11 December in Mobile Solutions

unified1-300x191As telecommunications continue to evolve, companies throughout the world are finding ways to cut costs by using fully hosted Unified Communications systems to facilitate interaction. The advent of IP PBX systems and smart phones has made it possible to communicate with employees no matter where they’re located, and that has reduced the need to continue expanding facilities for many companies that are continuing to grow.

Office Space Isn’t Always Necessary

What many people don’t know, however, is that if your entire staff can telecommute, it’s possible to keep your costs low by forgoing expensive facilities all together. Another option is to maintain a small consistent staff on site and connect the rest of your employees to the main telecommunications system through hosted Unified Communications alternative. Regardless how you organize your operation, there is a Zultys solution that can make it more possible to work from the road– at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full, in-house staff and a large telecom system.

Your Calls Meet You Wherever You Are

By going to a cloud-based Unified Communications systems, mobile businesses can streamline operations and reduce costs by replacing a physical person who answers phones with dynamic call handling rules that point calls in the right direction. Callers can be transferred locally, across the state or across the world– while still providing a seamless experience for the customer and cutting your monthly expenses substantially.

Convenience Adds Up

Fully hosted Unified Communications systems make it possible to work anywhere and everywhere. In our current world, the convenient options often cost much more than older solutions, but that isn’t the case with mobile options like these. These systems are designed to be entirely convenient while also being a cost-effective solution.

Smart phones make it possible to tap into the system from anywhere, and the mobile apps, such as Zultys Mobile Communicator, provide most of the same functionality and features as phones in the office. Beyond that, you’ll need fewer tools and services once you have a cloud-based Unified Communications system because most of them are offered within the one solution. Replace expensive software that allows you to set up conference calls simply and easily with MCconference, cancel land lines that you’re paying monthly for, and reduce expenses that come from running a large office. Take it to the road and save money in the process while still having access to phone calls, voicemail, faxes, email and more– all from within the same system you would be using at the office.

Mobile Makes Money

Most businesses can benefit from going mobile, and it’s possible to save money in the process. You don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for the convenience. Keep access to all of the systems that you need while you telecommute and enable other employees to do the same. As your business grows, your system can scale with it in a way that remains cost-effective. The future of business is on the road, and you can be ready to go with it.

Zultys can help you implement a cost-effective, hosted Unified Communications system that provides virtually unlimited communications possibilities. You can enable employees to stay productive, whether at the office, home office or on the road, use features such as video and audio conferencing for more efficient meetings and integrate with applications such as Outlook to manage email, voicemail and presence to improve communication throughout your organization.

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