How A Hosted UC System Can Streamline Your Business, Part 1

How A Hosted UC System Can Streamline Your Business, Part 1

17:46 08 December in Mobile Solutions

top-300x187There was a time when business owners who run mobile operations used to have to choose between professionalism and ease of access when it came to telecommunications:

1) If they wanted to forgo the office environment and become completely mobile, telecom had to be run through cell phones without access to all of the higher quality features that would come with a traditional PBX.

2) The other option was to pay for a traditional office environment that could host the hardwired or IP PBX option. The second choice was obviously much more expensive, but it presented a more professional appearance than routing phones to a single-extension voicemail on a mobile phone.

Fortunately today, both the small business and corporate enterprise world have access to technology that has revolutionized mobile communications and made it possible to get the best of both worlds. Businesses that operate from the road are able to offer full-service access for their customers without losing the functionality of versatile call systems that enable extensions, call transferring, instant messaging, visual voicemail and so many other options. With cloud-based Unified Communications systems like Zultys, small businesses can appear just as versatile and established as multi-national organizations.

Customer Service Improvements

Aside from just providing a good first impression, fully hosted Unified Communications systems allow business owners and employees to back up the impression with exceptional customer service– from anywhere in the world. Mobile employees can provide the same kind of follow up and seamless integration that people within the office can, and they don’t miss out on access to any of the tools that are necessary even though they’re on the road.

Whether you’re driving your catering truck to a weekend festival or hustling between Fortune 500 clients, you can still answer calls as if you’re in an office, receive transfers from other extensions or check your voicemail from anywhere. Mobile apps, such as Zultys Mobile Communicator make it possible to transfer to other extensions within your company using company directories that are located right on your phone, and you can even answer emails through the same interface. The hosted system is designed to put your business in your pocket because you don’t have time to be chained to a desk.

Productivity Increases

Twenty-first century companies have to be able to operate from the road, and cloud-based Unified Communications systems can ramp up productivity for all users. Employees and business owners who have unlimited access to office systems are able to make good use of it regardless of their location. Softphone applications, such as Zultys MXIE can access main systems from the computer desktop with a connected headset, and mobile apps make it possible to access just about everything from an iPhone or Android smart phone. Employees are able to complete work from home, abroad, a city bus, or any location with a data or WiFi connection.

The Future Of Business Is On The Road

Fully hosted Unified Communications systems allow businesses to hit the road and take their connectivity with them. They no longer have to worry about the choice between looking professional and providing exemplary service. Everything is available at their fingertips by using cloud-based apps that connect your telecomm system to your smart phone or portable computer. Businesses have no boundaries when they cut the phone cords and make their systems mobile.

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