Increase Guest Loyalty and Reduce Operating Costs

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Unifying voice, data and video onto a single network platform for the hospitality (hotel, motel, casino, theme park, spa or resort) industry brings advanced capabilities for enriching communications of your staff and administration as well as guests. Hotels rely heavily on the numerous integrated phone system features available like auto attendant, IVR, extension dialing between properties, conferencing, voicemail to email, wake up calls, call accounting and detail call reporting capabilities to enhance call handling and billing. What’s even better is IP lets hotels get started right away saving money on unnecessary telecom costs while offering the flexibility to migrate equipment over time, preserving existing technology investment where it makes sense. Service quality and how it’s personalized to meet guests’ needs significantly impacts the hotel’s brand perception and ongoing customer loyalty. Service quality is impacted by how property owners invest in technology, how effectively it’s implemented and how it can help reduce operating costs… and even generate new revenue.

Using UC to Differentiate Your Property From the One Next Door

Leveraging technology for increased customer service, improved productivity and reduced costs is where hospitality executives are focusing on for differentiating their brand against the competition. Cost-effective IP equipment, unified communications, mobility and call center applications are at the top of the list. Zultys open source IP technology solutions seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook and hospitality specific software solutions including property management systems (PMS) for a truly unified solution.  Here are ways that technology is being implemented to bring positive results and enhanced communications of hotel staff, call center employees and guests:


A reliable IP phone system is at the heart of multimedia communications.  Properties can leverage the rich capabilities and applications to customize a solution to optimize staff productivity for superior customer service, and reduce costs while offering revenue-generating services. From single line needs in guest rooms, multi-line requirements for VIP guests and conference rooms to DSS consoles at the front desk, Zultys supports a range of IP phones, wireless DECT phones, softphones and mobile devices to fit hotel applications and embrace unified communications capabilities, wherever employees are located on the property, at anytime.

Unified Communications

Managing different forms of communication and offering collaboration solutions is key for the bottom line and customer service. UC effectively combines voice, data, video and presence applications on a single platform for capabilities like telephony calling, call management, call center, web and audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, IVR and call accounting/ billing and more.  Tying these applications together with PMS makes it easier to manage and take control of the IT infrastructure. Instantaneous access and sharing of information across all departments aids in better upselling of services and providing answers quickly for great guest relations.


Whether it’s call center staff who work virtually off property or facilities staff who need to move around using mobile devices including wireless and smart phones, all employees require 24×7 access to information everywhere, at anytime, for quickly answering guest questions, providing great customer service and being highly productive. UC offers the flexibility to meet the needs of all employees by giving them access to the same voice, data and video features for work consistency.

Contact Center

First impressions typically begin with inbound call to the reservations  call center or front desk. A reliable call center solution with a customized call routing plan and workflow helps to ensure calls are handled properly and selling opportunities are optimized.  Often contact centers manage reservations and inquiries for several properties making the right IP system a valuable decision. With a dispersed environment of on- and off-site employees, UC provides significant time and cost savings when used to communicate, train and conduct meetings on new guest offerings and promotions.

Zultys – Your UC Partner For Service Quality and Operations Efficiency

Brand perception begins the moment a guest calls for a reservation or steps into the lobby.  Hotel executives realize that a solid plan and investment in IP-based solutions for Unified Communications is the path to success. Zultys IP phone system, call center and mobility solutions are affordable, easy to implement and maintain and, best of all, help to meet overall goals for operations efficiency, productivity, cost control, customer responsiveness and personalized service quality.