Disaster Recovery or Disaster Prevention… It’s Your Call

Disaster Recovery or Disaster Prevention… It’s Your Call

02:57 20 October in Mobile Solutions

disasterA telecommunication outage can stop your business in its tracks. The loss of revenue, the impact to customer service and operations can have longstanding implications. It comes down to two options– disaster prevention or disaster recovery.

Many businesses do not have a plan for how to avoid or respond if a major outage arises; Others have comprehensive disaster recovery plans in place. But when a major outage or disaster strikes, bringing back a downed network infrastructure is no simple task. You don’t have time for questions or complications.

You just need to flip the switch to your failover system!

Working Without Phones Won’t Work At All

How will a short or long-term telecom outage impact your business? Even a few hours of downtime can alienate customers and cause frustration for those who are getting a busy signal.

Outages can come from many unforeseen circumstances including natural and man-made disasters, unexpected building issues and widespread power outages. Commonplace occurrences like internet outages, severed phone lines and more can cause a short-term outage but can still be damaging to your business.

Whether it is a natural disaster or an operational failure, your customers need to know you are in business. Incorporating Zultys’ Hosted Business Continuity into your disaster recovery plan will alleviate telecommunications disruptions, so you can conduct business as usual.

Phone calls can sometimes be replaced with text messages, emails or even website or social media alerts, however for the most part, businesses still rely on phone calls to connect with customers and employees.

The only way to proactively plan for prevention rather than be forced to react and attempt to recover is to understand the capability of the telecommunications infrastructure and how to implement a back-up system. Then develop a management plan and standard operating procedure for how this type of outage should be handled.

Unified Communications Make Prevention Easier

A sufficient plan will address the potential causes of disruptions. Today’s Unified Communications systems are capable of addressing rerouting issues and making adjustments to support where the calls now need to go. Developing the procedure doesn’t have to take longer than a few hours, but it could save a huge amount in lost productivity and inability to access clients and customers.

Unified Communications systems like the products offered by Zultys offer disaster prevention solutions that should be able to dynamically shift call routing so that customers retain their seamless experience. Using the natural flexibility of the systems, IT directors or management can often adjust the control panel by remotely accessing the system through a web application or a portable computer.

Many Unified Communications systems provide options that include the ability to dynamically alter call handling rules so they are routed to other branches that are not experiencing downtime. Systems may also allow the ability to forward calls to mobile phones or, as a last resort, simply change the IVR message to alert customers to the outage while providing alternative contact information.

Make the Plan and Avoid the Pain

Creating a plan for disaster prevention and recovery will help ensure that an outage doesn’t put the business into the red. It will help you manage all aspects of the crisis, and with a failover system you can activate in minutes, you won’t have the concern of being inaccessible.

Making a plan for how to avoid outages to begin with, and then back it up with an easily executed procedure for what to do for a failover system should be at the heart of the plan.

With the flexibility of Zultys Business Continuity Service, you can create an enterprise-level emergency backup/failover communications system. It can mirror your existing PBX, allowing callers to reach your staff on the same numbers and extensions; creating an automatic seamless transition should a disaster impact your business.

Contact Zultys to see how a Business Continuity Failover Service can protect your business… Because when you’re phones are working… your business is working!