Are You Prepared for Business Survivability and Continuity under Any Circumstances?

Are You Prepared for Business Survivability and Continuity under Any Circumstances?

15:11 21 April in MXsoftware, Press Releases

The modern business world affords little leeway for downtime; be it a natural disaster or a technical failure, businesses can’t afford an extended blackout, and this is why redundancy and survivability are essential building blocks for creating the company infrastructure.

But while IT departments may spend a lot of time making sure that the company’s data is protected, not as much time may go into protecting the business phone system against an unforeseen service interruption. Keeping the communication lines operational during a disaster situation can be essential for a company, which is why business continuity features should be an important criterion for selecting a business phone system.

It is common practice for businesses to back up data to the cloud, but what if there was an option to back up the office phone system to the cloud as well? Companies can feel secure knowing that their business communications would function even during a disaster scenario. Employees on the system can still be reached at their usual desk phone extension numbers or calls can be automatically rerouted to mobile devices. Moreover, what if the redundant cloud-based phone system could maintain the same feature set and functionality as the regular office phone system? A busy contact center with a complex call distribution setup can continue functioning virtually unhindered, even if the office’s server room has suffered serious damage. This kind of security is priceless for business owners who need to be sure that they can continue servicing customers rain or shine.

Zultys is now offering its customers a new business continuity option that uses the innate flexibility and resilience of the MX line of products. For a nominal monthly fee, companies can have a hosted MXvirtual™ system that would function as a backup to their existing phone system, regardless of whether they have a premise-base MX installed at their office or are using another MXvirtual for their regular operations. This business continuity solution is hosted by Zultys in its data centers as a secure backup for Zultys customers.

Zultys business continuity pricing depends on the number of users, meaning that for smaller operations the price of maintaining business continuity will not strain a limited budget. For larger corporations, it is possible to rent a backup system for the entire organization or to maintain only the most essential departments during a disaster, but still use the advanced functionalities configured on the regular phone system. For example, Zultys clients can implement the business continuity option to make sure that their customer support center remains open even if the rest of office communications are out of commission.

“In the past, we’ve already seen the negative effect on our businesses from weather, along with other issues that have impacted our ability to communicate and therefore run our organizations on a “business as usual” basis. We know what the cost impact to our organizations has been,” said Steve Francis, chief sales and marketing officer at Zultys. “With our new business continuity offering, we give our customers peace of mind, knowing they will be able to handle a disaster situation and still have the full capabilities of their current phone system.”