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A True All-In-One Solution for your Business

Manage your Phone System Your Way

 Rent a Hosted IP Phone System or Buy an On-Premises or Cloud-based IP Phone System To Manage Your Business Communications System Your Way

The Zultys MX platform is a true “all-in-one” unified communications solution, built from the ground up to make ALL your communications systems work together by weaving voice, data, video, presence, conferencing and mobility solutions into a single corporate Unified Communications system. The beauty of the MX system is that whether you prefer to pay monthly fees for a hosted solution or purchase a phone system to be housed on premises or virtualized, all the features, functions and capabilities are identical. You can truly choose to have it your way!


Zultys MXvirtual is a fully integrated unified communication solution and IP phone system in a VMware® Ready virtual appliance. Innovative, reliable and scalable, MXvirtual integrates voice, video, data and mobility, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes.MXvirtual in combination with VMware allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization including enhanced server utilization, simplified deployment, enhanced business continuity and reduced costs. It offers a complete unified communication solution in a single virtual machine as well as increased resiliency and redundancy with VMware High Availability and vMotion capabilities.


The easy to install and maintain Zultys MX-SE and MX-E IP phone systems are complete “all-in-one” feature-rich Unified Communications systems, ready to serve the needs of businesses as small as 10 employees and can be networked together to support up to 10,000 users across 128 locations. All software is pre-installed. Capacity and features are enabled by purchasing a license key so you can quickly deploy additional services when you need them, and easily expand as your business grows. Zultys MX system integrates all of your communications functionality into one complete solution, integrating mobility, IM, presence, video, and web conferencing to transform the way you work, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Customer Success Stories

Zultys’ solutions are simple to install, manage and scale. Thousands of Zultys Unified Communications systems are in use worldwide, supporting a wide range of small to medium businesses like American Civil Constructors and Sir Speedy Whittier.

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