Cheap VoIP Costs

Reduce Call Costs

Zultys enables you to reduce your costs on both external calls and calls through Least Cost Routing and free SIP calling between your locations.


Free calls between corporate locations: For customers with multiple sites, the Zultys solution delivers free calling between locations. Since all Zultys products are based on the open Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the MX30 & MX250 products seamlessly connect to low cost SIP Trunking services and ITSP phone lines. Small business and enterprise customers alike are able to realize significant savings on their monthly telephone bills by leveraging the competitively priced services available from the new generation of SIP based telephone service providers. There are many SIP Trunking and Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) used by our customers. See the complete list of ITSP providers here.


Least Cost Routing: Zultys’ MXconnect™ feature lets you make ANY phone number (e.g. your home or mobile phone) an extension of your office, allowing you to not only answer your ringing extension from anywhere, but also place a call on hold or even transfer the call back to an internal extension using our state-of-the-art MXIE™ CTI application. All incoming and outgoing calls will ring via that number, and since calls can be initiated via MXIE this feature supports Least Cost Routing to save on your phone bills. In conjunction with other MX system features, Zultys provides a complete teleworker solution and allows anyone to work and connect from anywhere, including your inbound Contact Center agents.


Please complete the Contact Us form to request details of a Zultys Value Added Reseller in your area who will be able to evaluate your business requirements and propose a solution tailored to your needs.