November 2014

How A Unified Communications System Can Streamline Sales and Marketing

17:32 10 November in Case Studies

Unified Communications systems are making the world smaller and more accessible to business. Companies are using VoIP-based telecommunications setups to connect their branches and offer unprecedented service to their customers. As digital distance gets smaller from one side of the globe to another, businesses are shifting toward a standard based on instant access to colleagues and customers as well as reliable, internally controlled telecom. Unified Communications For Your Business One system can amount to an entire overhaul for business that begins with telecom convenience and takes the company straight through to very satisfied customers. Sales and marketing based businesses of all kinds can...

How A Unified Communications System Can Streamline Your Healthcare Practice or Clinic

05:12 06 November in Mobile Solutions

Healthcare reform is a topic of constant conversation, but Unified Communications are often overlooked as a method of improving the quality of care for patients. By connecting the medical community together, personnel can offer better care to patients everywhere while cutting costs and maximizing collaborative opportunities between doctors and other medical staff. Unified Communications in healthcare could literally save lives. The overhaul of the healthcare system has forced many medical facilities and offices to streamline in order to provide care to more people. As facilities and practices adopt EHRs and EMRs to make medical records management and practice management more convenient...

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and ROI of Business Communications

05:05 03 November in Case Studies

When making the decision to research and eventually deploy a Unified Communications solution, many numbers and corporate buzz phrases will be tossed around to help with decision making. They’ll include initial investment, cost over lifetime, length of life cycle and more. Tune Out The White Noise: The Figures That You NEED In the long term, the two numbers that matter most and require the most calculation for business are Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI). Basically, a calculation of ROI leads to your business’s ability to determine TCO. Cause And Effect Calculating ROI dictates a reasonable total cost of ownership...