March 2010

Zultys, Inc. Certifies Unified Communications Solutions as “Compatible with Windows 7” to Help Speed Enterprise Deployments

13:38 16 March in News

Award-winning MXIE™ desktop Unified Communications client now combines voice call handling, Presence, IM, voicemail, fax control and much more for Windows 7 Zultys Inc., a leading provider of Unified Communications and VoIP Business Phone Systems since 2001, announced today that the award-winning MXIE™ Unified Communications client has been certified as “Compatible with Windows 7” by Microsoft and has earned the Windows 7 logo. The MXIE desktop client inte­grates and manages all of your communications functions. It lets you see the presence status of oth­ers in your company, send emails, control all your phone calls via desktop phones or a softphone, send and receive faxes, send secure...