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Zultys Support

If you own a Zultys system and are not Reseller or a Partner

Zultys is committed to ensuring that End Users have support resources available to maintain optimal performance of their Zultys MX system.  End User support is performed by our widely acclaimed Zultys Authorized Channel Partner network. If you do not have a reseller in your area, we will find one for you.  To receive a referral, please send the following information to, or call 1.408.328.5433:

  • Company name:
  • Technical Contact Name, Phone, and Email:
  • Main Board Serial Number of your MX30 / MX250: (found through Admin UI by navigating to Help>About>More details)
  • Current software release:
  • Current Warranty status of your MX system:
  • Current or past Zultys Reseller:
  • Reason for contacting Zultys directly rather than your Zultys Reseller

Zultys Application Center (ZAC)
If you have been directed by your Admin Support to download a Zultys application, please visit the Zultys Application Center (ZAC). The ZAC hosts downloads links to the Zultys Knowledge Base system of licensed Zultys applications such as the Zultys Communicator application and more. ZAC

If you are a Zultys Partner
Zultys Partners assume responsibility for first-level support of their End-User customers.  If you need second-level support to resolve an issue, you may send an email to or call Zultys at 1-408-328-0450 x 777.  Please provide as much detail as you can regarding the nature of the problem, including system type, system serial number, software version, patches loaded, name of End-User, and a specific description of the symptoms of the problem. To contact our Product Management team with new ideas and feature requests, submit a feature request to:

Zultys maintains the following resources to help Partners stay up to date on product information, find answers to your questions, and take correct steps to resolve known issues:

Zultys Knowledge Base System (KBS)

The Zultys Knowledge Base System provides owners and resellers of Zultys products with access to product information, technical documentation, application notes, knowledge base articles, and other resources that assist in better understanding Zultys products and services. This is a restricted resource and requires registration.  Click here to access the new Zultys KBS.

Zultys Reseller Center (ZRC)

The Zultys Reseller Center is the central portal for Resellers and Distributors to browse sales and marketing documentation, and other business support materials. This is a restricted resource and requires registration. Please click here to gain access to the ZRC

Partner Training

Zultys provides regular Zultys Certified Systems Expert classes to Partners . To sign up for Zultys Certified System Expert (ZCSE) classes, please send a request to

For additional resources, go to:
Partners (for training, reseller information, technonlogy partners, and ITSPs recommendations)
Products (for product descriptions, connectivity, and document center)
About (to submit a general inquiry)