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Latest Software Release Version 7.0

MX30 / MX250 Release 7.0 adds new features to the very successful next-generation Unified Communications solution that deliver on the promise of improved productivity and reduced costs. Release 7.0 adds, Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android, new customizable MXIE Unified Communication client, enhances Integrated Contact Center and Third Party CRM Integration, as well as a number of other features and enhancements.

  • Zultys Mobile Communicator extends the award-winning MXIE™ Unified Communications desktop client to Android devices. Mobile workers can truly stay connected with our Unified Communication features like Presence, access to company directory, call log, secure IM, single number contact and much more. Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android also includes advanced call handling features like hold and transfer, previously reserved for the office phone, but now available even on the go.

  • Music on Hold Playlists feature allows each Call Group or group of users to have a unique music playlist which is played for hold, park and queuing. System administrators can configure up to 64 different playlists to be assigned to callers as Music on Hold based on User, Call Center Group, or Automated Attendant that the call was routed to.

  • Contact Center enhancements include: Barge-In and Whisper support for ZIP-5 series IP Phones – supervisors may now barge-in to an ICC call as well as whisper coach agents. Report Scheduler for MXreport – customize reports and have them automatically delivered to an email inbox or saved straight to the computer or network every day, week, month, and so on.

Additional features and enhancements are included that further build on Zultys’ strengths of ease of installation and improved customer experience, such as:

  • Advanced SIP security via trusted/untrusted network admission control and configurable Denial of Service (DOS) attack protection options.
  • Mailbox usage and quota information may be viewed from MXIE and MX Administrator applications
  • Announcement Only Mailbox function - Voice mail option to play greeting then disconnect call
  • Auto Deletion of Voicemail Messages - Option to automatically delete saved voice mails, faxes and on demand call recordings after a specified period of time has passed.
  • Zultys Communicator and Outlook Communicator Version 2 support
  • MX Administrator enhancements like Ability to delete all messages in a user’s mailbox via ‘reset user’ function as well as to view and edit user’s device assignment from the Edit User window.

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